Saturday, 9 January 2010

Skiddaw Little Man

Parked car at Threlkeld this afternoon and ran along the railway track to Keswick where it was my plan to run up to Skiddaw. I knew whilst I was running up Latrigg that my legs were tired , and that I proberbly wouldnt run it all the way to the top, so I told myself if I could run it all to the gate where the path goes left to little man, that would do. It was quite a cold wind too, which didn't help my motivation.
I managed (somehow) to run it all to the gate , even so it was a struggle for me, but then I thought I would carry on up to little man. I set of running again but only got about 50 yards, when the snow was too soft and deep to run in, so for about 2-3 minutes I walked. The path soon became solid  and I got running again.
Total running time from Threlkeld-little man-Threlkeld was 2 hours and 15 mins, still not a long day out but getting some climbing in. The path up to Skiddaw today was well trodden and was getting icy in places, I think that the snow is going to be here for a while yet, so am thinking of getting some Kahtoolas

Blencathra taken from lay by on way to Threlkeld

Best not hang about!


kate said...

that tunnel's a "potential death trap" ;)

Emma said...

Oh wow, Blencathra looks just stunning. what's it like up there Stuart? Thinking of making my first trip up on friday if it's clear as it'll be a solo venture out! I won't risk it if it's too icy etc and will stay closer to home but am itching to get some recce-ing done now!

Stu Stod said...

The Thaw has started Emma but I reckon they will be a far bit of ice yet.

hannah said...

thats dangerous you could of died dad