Sunday, 18 December 2011

Stopping and Listening what I am doing at the moment.

For the past 18 months I have had  trouble with my left leg. At times it has stopped me running for a week or two but mostly I have been able to manage it and run through it, but 4 weeks ago after a hilly 15 mile fell run I was was hobbling back to the car and decided enough is enough.

I love running, especially on the fells this time of year, but if I listen to folk who know how to fix me then hopefully I be back sooner rather than later, though at the moment  it seem it will be yonks  before im running pain free again.

To try and keep my base fitness I have been doing a few bike miles, which even in the summer I find hard enough, so its double hard in this weather.

Im still enjoying reading other folks blogs, even if it is making me reet jealous!!
Sorry for the short post but without running I have not got nowt much to say, but hopefully in the new year....

Some photos I have taken in the last few weeks below.
some coos

coming down gatescarth pass
lone mountain biker


some trees

swindale - Shap

mr ugly


honister pass
gt mell fell

honister crag