Sunday, 29 July 2012

Its like buses

Rolling back the years

Doesn't win a race for years then two come along together

Still 45 mile to go

5 weeks after winning the Karrimo trail marathon he only goes and wins the Lakeland 50!!

Reet pleased for you Steve.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Steve Angus wins again

Well its been seven weeks now since I did the Fred Whitton Challenge and I'm going to try and describe it over the next few lines..

What the hell was I thinking!!
112 mile over some bloody steep Lakeland passes!
Felt totally out of place!
Realised I'm a fuckin numpty on a bike!!!
Will I do it again?
Hope not!!

That is all I've got to say on this matter.

So four months of no running.
Had MRI scan 8 weeks ago and after waiting for the promised results in the post which never came I finally phoned them up to ask if they wanted to share the results with me.
Apologies were given (consultant away on 3 week holiday) so consultant secretary read them out for me over the phone. Nothing amiss with lower stomach.
I asked "what about the groin?" she answered "they didn't scan the groin area!!!" 
I'm speechless.
I finally ask her about the possibility of Gilmours Groin, that the consultant and I chatted at length about 8 weeks earlier. She knew nowt about that but promised she would post the results/letter out to me straight away. That was 4 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for it!!

For 2 days I moped about the house feeling sorry for myself.
Eventually I think"fuck it - Im goin for a run"!

I announce my intentions to the family.
Daughter looks up from laptop and then carries on.
Wife rolls her eyes
but son says "hang on I'll come with you".

Son has been running on the roads for a good bit now but never shown any interest on the fells and im chuffed to bits. I ratch the mudclaws out of the shed and we both head out to Pooley Bridge for a run up Arthurs Pike, about 6 mile. It is all runable when your used to it and I think son might struggle.
We set off at a slow pace keeping my stride short and easy. Son surprises me and runs it all easily. We rest for a minute at the cairn taking in the view. We jog back down together where I keep my stride short again so not to stretch to much.
That short run did more for me In one hour then not running at all for four months. I felt brilliant - sore- but brilliant. I decided at that point that I was going to start running again, not fast - that hurts - but at a relaxed pace.

Since then I have ran 3-4 times a week, some days hurt more then others but at least im doing more running then biking and that cant be a bad thing.........its a lot bloody cheaper too!!

Finally massive congrats to good running pal Steve Angus who rolled back the years and won some trail Marathon t'other week.