Sunday, 14 February 2010

Buttermere Round

Not the high mileage nor big climbing week of late , but still a very good week , albeit 3 different runs.
Monday saw me having acupuncture on the knee again, still cant squat down on it, but at least its not stopping me from running, although I don't know what impact it will have on my mind if its still not fixed by May for my Bob Graham attempt, 15 or so hours in , it could be the excuse im looking for, hope not though.
On Tuesday night I did 9 hilly road miles around the streets of Penrith, and in all honesty I felt crap, maybe I was still recovering from all my climbing the week before.
Wednesday is club night, but this week me and Steve Bennett decided to do a night fell run instead.
Parked at Pooley Bridge and ran up to Loadpot and back. Fantastic night with clear sky's. Steve has at last brought some proper fell shoes  (looks like he is getting serious ) but they didn't stop him from taking his customary fall on the way down off Loadpot. Brilliant.
Thursday was a Parents evening, Friday was a night out and Saturday I was working which left Sunday......
I don't, quite know why I wanted to do this race.  Buttermere Round is a 21.5 mile road race organised by Keswick AC which starts at the Moot Hall in Keswick and goes over Honister Pass, down in to Buttermere and climbs up into Newlands and finishes back at Keswick. I think the reason I wanted to do it was because its the only race that I haven't done that Keswick organise.I normally describe a race, but this was just one long fast (for me) slog. It was good to see  Steve Angus though, who along with Iain Kelly, is pacing me on leg 3 on my bg attempt.  I was with Steve up to the top of Newlands, but his class showed in the last few miles and he easily beat me in the end, but none the less he was giving me plenty of encouragement up to that point, which he will no doubt be giving me again in May, at a much slower pace though!
Pleased with my time and position.
Roll on next Sunday when I can get back to some softer terrain, unless we decide to do another night run before.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

An All Fell Week

Occasionally I get asked to cover night shift at work, which means I get the afternoon free, which means I get more daylight time to run on the fells  (the only downside is when im at work im knackered).
On Tuesday afternoon I parked my car at Scales and ran up Blencathra. At the moment im running it all with the view that when I attempt the BG ,the ups will feel a little easier when walking.
On Wednesday I parked at Threlkeld and ran up to Stybarrow Dodd and back. Clough Head tho was not an option to run, instead I got hands on knees and walked up. The summit was reached in 43 mins. From Clough Head I ran all the way up Gt Dodd, Watson Dodd and up onto Stybarrow Dodd, where I promised myself a drink for a reward. Only to realise I had forgotten to put it in my backpack ( how many times). I retraced my steps running all the way back to the car  (and water) at Threlked. Very pleased with my time and effort.
Friday I only got 3 hrs sleep so no run.
On Saturday I parked again at Threlkeld and ran to Keswick via the railway line to run leg 1. Running up Latrigg I knew I was going to struggle to run up Skiddaw but I pushed on telling myself if I stopped I would fail the BGR. Well it looks like a big fat fail in May because I walked for about  3 mins of it.

Looking back along Skiddaw

Bassenthwaite Lake

I picked the trod down to Hare Crag and was soon climbing Gt Calva. Up ahead I could see 2 figures, so I pushed on to try and catch them up. When I did finally reach them it turned out to be Gary and Clare. Gary is attempting the BG on the same night as me, but setting off a bit earlier. All 3 of us then ran together up to Mungrisdale Common where Gary had arranged to meet one of his mates, Dave Jacks.

Dave Jacks has got one of the most astonishing tales to tell of the BGR. Last year he failed it by 1 minute!. He is having another go this year and I really do hope he succeeds. We all carried on up to the summit where we descended via Doddick. At this point I pushed on ahead because I wanted to change my top at the car and fill my water bottle up so I could carry on up to the Dodds.Dave was also going as far as Raise where he had arranged to meet his brother and descend down sticks pass.
On the lane up to Newsham House, we met 3 fellas looking at a map. It turned out they were recceing for the Lakes 100. They were going to run along the coach road but decided to go up to Gt Dodd instead. The next 2 hours of running was a fantastic insight into long distance running with all 2 out of  3 of them having done all the big rounds and Will doing his Paddy Buckley this year to complete his set. Amazing fellas with good sound advice. They even said they would run in with me on leg 5 but I think that was just a kind gesture, but it shows what a great community there is in fell running. What else amazes me is the miles these people drive just so they can run on the fells. Top fellas.

                Dave Lucker, Will and Ian on Gt Dodd

On Sunday I parked at Roe head and ran up and over Loadpot, onto Wether Hill and down into Fusedale and up and over Steel Knots.  I ran in to Dave Owen who was doing the same circuit . Dave is also pacing me on leg 2. He tells me that he is not running as well as he was a couple of years ago, but that didn't show today.
So a good week of running, all fell miles too.