Sunday, 17 January 2010

Weekly Round Up

Feeling a bit guilty writing this post.
I have been bleating on about not getting a long fell run in, and today, blue sky's and fast disappearing snow I managed a 7 mile fell run.
I  have forgotten what wet feet feel like.
Its a pity the BGR isn't 8 miles long , I reckon I could have a chance...

Monday - Acupuncture (knee defiantly improving)
Tuesday - 12 mile road run inc 2 laps of the New Streets Race route (very hilly)
Wednesday - Hill reps with Eden Runners  (total run 8 miles)
Thursday - A steady 7.5 miles around Penrith
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 7 mile fell run  (not nice, cold slush)
Sunday - 7 mile fell run  (conditions improving)


Brian Mc said...

It's just lots of sequences of 8 miles. No bother ... :-)

Irk said...

Conditions improving??!?!?
All that snow disappearing fast, it's a national disaster. I'm thinking of ringing Bono and the great unwashed one Bob Geldof to throw a one off charity gig. Save the snow!!