Sunday, 31 January 2010

Blake Fell Race

It was always my intention to have an easy week this week, but even by my lazy standards I think waiting till Thursday to go for a run was pushing it.
When I did drag myself out of the door I managed 8 road miles and when I got back it felt like I had just completed a marathon, Knackered absolutely knackered I was. So maybe they is something to be said for training every day.
After Thursdays "epic" I decided another days rest was due so on Friday I did nowt again.( mainly because I knew it was Blake Fell race the next day )
I did this race last year and looking back in my running log I said that I had hated it due the shortness (4.5) and the last descent. What a difference a year makes, this year it felt a little easier  and much more enjoyable. I was a bit more cautious this time from the start and decided to try and keep up (or keep sight off ) with Ian Davis of Keswick. After the first two climbs I was just behind him and started to follow him to the last checkpoint, but knowing Ian to be a better runner then me, I was wary of overtaking him. Still thinking about the last descent I decided that I would need a bit of space between us so I pushed on ahead and it wasn't till the last stile I looked behind that I knew I had done enough. 5 mins faster then last year but a slightly changed course so I wont read to much into that.
On my way to Blake Fell I was feeling guilty about missing the opportunity of a long day on the fells, but its races like these and catching up with folk you aint seen for a while that makes it all worthwhile. Also got some good advice and tips for the BGR.
On Sunday I ran along to High Raise and back from Pooley Bridge.


Brian Mc said...

Well done on the race. I am very jealous of the ease with which you get to spend time on the hills. :-)

Ian Davies said...

You do yourself a disservice Stu. You're stronger than me on the fells and had a cracking run on Saturday - well done! It was a lovely day for racing and the odd race here and there will hopefully help with your BG attempt not hinder it.