Monday, 28 December 2009

Blencathra Snow Run

Managed to sneak out of the house this afternoon for a quick run up Blencathra. Parked the car in the lay by before the White Horse and made my ascent up Mousthwaite Comb and Scales Fell. Most people were making there way down, some on skis, whilst I made heavy work of the snow. I was determined to run it all, but again  I was forced to walk maybe 30 yards where the last zigzags are meant to be, they was a snow path straight up instead of the zigzags. The view on top was fantastic with the sun beginning to set. I got back to my car in a little over an hour, so a good workout.
What is pleasing me is that I am beginning to run more climbs now. On Wednesday im hoping to do leg 2, and on Friday its the Nine Standards Fell Race, but first I have a bedroom to paint!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Snow Fun

Since my last post I have managed to get a few runs in, one of them been leg 1 on the weekend when Mark Smith was doing his fantastic Bob Graham Winter Round.
I followed Marks footsteps in the snow from Skiddaw onwards(I was up there at 8am tho) up to Gt Calva, where I noticed he had made his descent through the heather, so I followed(I usually go by the fence line). I have been this way once before but I think I will stick to the fence for my attempt, the heather been too high and hidden holes had me on my backside more then once. I picked up his footprints again climbing up Mungrisdale Common but lost them before Blencathra where after looking at Halls Fell I decided Doddick was the safer option which I descended in 28 mins. Total leg time was 3hr 12mins.
The day after I ran up to Atrhurs pike from Pooley Bridge post office.
Hill reps have been done too with Eden Runners(agony).
Xmas eve I got up early and ran to Askham(in the dark) and up on to Haughscar Fell where the snow was quite deep in places. It had been my intention to carry on to Atrhurs Pike but the visibility on the top was very poor, so I turned back. Running back I bumped into Gary Johnstone who is also planning his BG on the same day as me, I have also had a email of Seb Planz who has decided on the same night, so it looks like they will be plenty of company on the day of the round.

Yesterday (Boxing day) along with Steve Bennett we ran up to Skiddaw , parking at Threlkeld. The lower slopes of Latrigg were very icy, but once on to the slopes of Skiddaw it was snow all the way . We managed to run it all, up to the last gate before the summit, where the snow was so deep you could step over it! From the gate to the summit we couldn't tell the sky from the ground, but as so often happens after reaching the summit everything clears and seems calm again, all tho this didn't stop Steve falling and taking a proper face full of snow, much to my delight!
The run back along the railway line felt tough, but a very enjoyable 2 and half hours.
Still over a week before I return to work so hoping to get a couple more runs in, but first Sue wants to go shopping to Carlisle!(again).

Monday, 14 December 2009

Plodding On

Not a big mileage week but still managed 1 long fell run and some mile reps with Eden Runners.
I had Sunday morning free to fit a run in so I  decided to run to Thornthwaite Beacon and back, about 20 miles, only stopping to take the odd photo.

This has got to be one of my favourite runs I do, with fantastic views on a clear day and all runnable.
It also made a change to have dry feet for once with the ground been frozen  solid for most of the route. I had to up my pace on the way back as I was due in at work at 12pm,  so managed to run it in 3.10, but my legs were feeling it on the way back.
Hoping to get another long run in this weekend but all depends on work and family commitments.

More good news for my Bob Graham attempt in May with my road support sorted. Well done Dik, ( I don't, like my tea too hot tho), I couldn't of hoped for anyone more reliable.
Was at the physio tonight where acupuncture was tried on my knee. I feel with the work that Anna is doing on  my knee, I am starting to feel an improvement but still cant fully squat down on it yet. It also turns out that her partner has successfully completed the BG.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Three Races In Five Days

Its been over 2 weeks since my last post and things have been going okish.
A few hilly road runs during the week and a 13.5 fell run at the weekend.
I am wanting to get up on to the fells at night time but all this wet weather is putting me off at the moment, the road miles are helping me get me some speed back, which I  maybe lost this year, so the road miles are ok at the moment. With the Christmas holidays coming up soon, hopefully I will get some long fell runs in then. Cant wait!
I am still seeing  the physio and with all the stretching and strengthening I am doing my knee seems to be improving, but I still cant fully squat down on it yet.
Last Wednesday night was the New Streets Challenge, a race around the steep hills of Penrith put on by Eden Runners. At only 4 miles long its hard /fast running all the way (apart from the 3 steep climbs).
It defiantly felt a lot harder then last year, but last year I had done a lot more short races including the cross country series. It felt even tougher when Steve Bennett jogged by me quite easily on one of the hills, leaving me panting and gasping behind. Nothing new there then!
On Saturday I went to Keswick to run in the cross country.
four laps of fitz park with a little hilly section on each lap. Really enjoyed this and wished I hadn't missed the first few now, defiantly good speed training, good fun too....
On Sunday I travelled over to Allendale for the Hexhamshire Hobble fell Race, a 10.5 mile route of road and fell.After a steep road climb you found yourself on the moor which was all fast running. I got involved in a race with Keith Murray of Tieviotdale, a fell runner whom I first met this year at Askham Fell Race and met again over the course of the season, at different fell races. We swapped places 5 times, each time I over took him on a road section, which was lucky for me because the last mile was all on road where I managed to stretch a few seconds out between us.
Not really a fell race, more like a trail race, no steep ascents and the two descents are both on road, but a good race all the same.
So not a bad couple of weeks, it felt good to be involved in some races again but I realise I have to start upping my miles for the Bob Graham in May, which I plan to start at Christmas.
My support for the BG is starting to come together after roping in Derek Hurton in on Saturday (my real reason for doing the cross country). At the moment I have good solid support for the first three legs, 5 out of the 6 having completed bg's of their own.