Saturday, 18 February 2012

The return of Stevie B

Some of you who have read my blog from the time of my BG training will be familiar with Stevie B.
He was with me for much of my training and has a reward I would rip him to shreds on my blog.
I never forget the time when we set off to do the first 2 legs in under 7 hours. It was foul winter weather and he bailed out on Clough Head and went down to the car and drank my tin of coke.
I got to Dunmail and my car was there minus the coke!!
During a 4 hour fell run he would be on his arse at least 5 times and on the day of my BG there's a good photo of him sliding on his arse down Seat Sandal!
He could never get it into his prehistoric skull how important it was to take it easy on the climbs and would often run them which made me run them too - quite a good thing for getting hill fit for racing but not for a 24 hour challenge.
He was always great company and in fell races we would always try and beat each other which would often spill over in our training runs.

So why am I reminiscing about old times?
I got a text of him last night asking if I was up for a bike ride.
I know he is quite useful on a bike but with me doing well over a 100 miles a week since Xmas I figured that I should be OK.
He friggin murdered me and had to wait for me on every climb!!
60 miles that included Kirkstone and Shap Fell.
I was glad when he got a puncture, for it gave me a small rest.
It was a horrible ride with the wind in our faces for most of the ride. We had a blizzard and hailstones too.
I have no doubt at all if he was doing the Fred Whitton he would get round in 7 hours....easy.
Me? I be glad just to get round.
One thing it has done is let me know just what I have let myself in for.
I'm having troubles with speed wobbles too. Had one today coming off Shap Fell, but I think this was caused by the side wind.
Thats 5 in the last 5 months though and they bloody terrify me.
Another problem I'm having is my weight.
When I was doing 50+ fell miles a week in training I could eat what I liked.
The problem I'm having is that I'm still eating as if I'm doing fell miles and has a result I'm well over 13 stone now!
Injury update- just the same and STILL waiting for a ultrasound scan. I'm fairly sure if I was a drug addict or  someone  obese I would of been seen to by now. Rant over.
Stevie B on his arse- again

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I like to ride my bicycle.......

Last January I had ran 190 miles in training and raced in two fell races.
This January I have JOGGED 28 miles and WATCHED two fell races.

I'm in despair regarding my injury. I have spent over 200 quid at physio and not feeling that much improvement.
In desperation I visited the doctors again and asked if I could get referred to a Groin Specialist.... she is going to send me for an ultra sound scan. Suppose its better then the hip x-ray they sent me for last time!!!
The groin problem I have had since the BGR but I have been able to manage it myself. The bigger problem is in the lower stomach - almost like a muscle tear but becomes very painful if I over exert myself. Sometimes it hurts to get in and out of a car or lie down in bed. The physio thinks its all connected with the groin.
I have found a groin specialist in Bradford but at 190 quid for a consultation im holding back for a little longer.

To keep me sane and I have been cycling to the odd fell race to take photos. It allows me to keep in touch with my fell mates and also helps keeps me a little bit fit, but nothing is a substitute for running.
I have entered the Fred Whitton Challenge so at least I have got something to focus on. Not sure it was the right thing to do after seeing them hurtling down Kirkstone pass last year!!!
Im still enjoying reading other folk blogs and hopefully this blog will start being a RUNNING blog again soon, but in the mean time I'm afraid its still a photo blog.


Martindale Hause

cycle miles

Blakes winner Ricky Lightfoot

Carl Bell chasing Kim Colinson



River Lowther - Askham


Snowy Blencathra