Sunday, 23 October 2011

FRA Relays Kettlewell

First time ever for our club (Eden Runners) in these relays.
Six of us was picked by Andy Tompson and in two cars we made the trip to Kettlewell on a glorious morning, which would make the running even better.

On leg 1 we had Jonny French who who ran fast and handed over to me and Steve Bennett in 30th position.
flying scotsman jonny
So it was on leg 2 where myself and Steve had the task of trying to keep the team from falling too far back.
We ran hard, but on the descent into the village (2 mile in, 7 to go) Steve rolled his ankle, I was behind him and seen it buckle, so it was a fantastic effort for Steve to finish at all. Im sure this knocked the stuffing out him because he really struggled after it, even on the climbs where he is so much stronger then me normally.
We got passed a few times and were disappointed to finish our leg in 1.25 and 42nd for our 9 mile leg.
me and Stevie B finishing our leg
We passed over to Kim Colinson and Sam Ware. These fellas were our Nav men and what I can gather from Sam, Kim was unstoppable. Sam had all his work cut out just to keep up with kim,, let alone to get his map out. They both ran incredibly well and finished 13th fastest on there leg and really got the team back up.
Sam and Kim setting off (doesn't look that fast Sam)
Who would want to be anchor man. Step forward Andy Tompson.
Andy had his work cut on the final leg, where a lot of teams kept their fast men. We had hoped Jonny would do this leg for us but it was decided on the morning (quite rightly too) that Andy wouldn't get lost and and Jonny most definitely would of, good call Kim. Still, Andy well a fantastic leg running 49th fastest and ensuring the team came in 27th over all.
Andy brings the team home
We would of taken that at the start of the day so happy enough. We are only a small club but the fell side is getting stronger and and stronger and with a couple more additions (preferably under 30), the club could start and push on more on the fells.

12th at the Pennine relays
15th at the Ian Hodgson relays
and 27th here is not a bad year for us.
Team Eden

Next year we are hoping to field a V40 team at these events........phew.

Not done a jot since last Saturday.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Short Sharp Shocks

Cockermouth XC

Saturday saw the first fixture of the Cumbria Cross Country league and what a shock to the system !
Approx 8000m or 4 laps of a hilly muddy field  - I thought it was only 3 and really struggled to come to terms with the devastating news when I was told by Ian Davis on the second lap!!

Its run in a handicap system with the fastest group setting of  6 minutes after the so called "slowest" and 3 minutes after the "fair to middllng" group.

Standing on the start line with the faster group witch included a slight uphill start I felt perhaps I would of been better off parking at Dunmail and running over to Thunacar Knot to watch the Langdale Horseshoe fell race.

The faster lads ran off into the distance and I settled on trying to keep my pace even, which I did for the first 2 laps until I ran out of power and ended up having to work really hard to keep my position.
Think I maybe finished 6th of 7th. I will do the whole series over the winter as everyone keeps telling me its good training and to be honest, I really do enjoy them..... once I'm back home !!

getting ready to attack the orange Keswickian

Penrith 10K Trail Race

The following day I was going to do 12 mile on the roads easy, but after looking at Eden's website I was reminded there was a 10k trail race 5 mile up the road, so I hopped on my bike and had a blast round it.

Very wet and muddy under foot which sapped your legs and after about 2 mile I found myself in a clear 4th with 3rd about 50-70 yards ahead. At the 4 mile mark I was aware of some one on my shoulder but I never had anything left to fight him off and I gave up my V40 yellow jersy position easy.

In the last mile I had a good battle for 5th with Steve Murdoch, swapping places a couple of times, but he proved to strong for me and I settled for 6th and 2nd V40.

A great hilly course and I really enjoyed it. A strong turn out from Eden Runners and it was good to catch up with a few who I aint seen since last winter/spring training but will soon be forced back to Wednesday night training next week with the nights getting too dark to mess about on the fells.

Eden's Jonny French won. Not sure on first lady. About 200 ran.

In between the two events I attended Shap Wells Hotel on Saturday evening where I was presented with my Bob Graham Certificate.
with fellow Eden runners

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

Last year Eden Runners secured their highest ever finish in this event and this year the team were all keen to try and improve again.
With the team picked two months before, we all had time to recce the course, but none of us were expecting the organisers to reverse the route two weeks prior , cue some last minute recceing.

Another problem we had was that we had no one to drive us in between checkpoints. Somehow the day before we mastered a rough plan that would involve my car and Alex's. All sorted.

The weather leading up to it was warm and clear  but typically on the day it was wet and claggy on the tops- perfect for all the local clubs.

I met Alex at the start line half an hour before the race with the news his car was stuck half way up Kirkstone Pass with a flat tyre...... Panic stations.
A new plan was made that involved a lot of rushing about at checkpoints but by the time leg 3 was under way we had managed to get Alex's tyre changed and we were back on track.... phew. 

Our team consisted of six V40s and two senior men.Not the strongest team Eden could of put out but a strong one nevertheless.

On leg 1 we had a veteran of many a relay, Anth Labram, and Alex Davies, running his first but hopefully not his last fell relay.They got us the good solid start we wanted coming into the changeover in 19th position after running a fast leg.

Leg 2 was my leg along with Steve Bennett. The climb up to high street went on and on and we got passed a couple of times despite us running hard. Once up on the tops the wind was in our faces and the visibility was poor. A decision was made to go straight up to the Beacon rather then contour around it. On the path descending into Threshthwaite Cove we were joined by a few other teams who appeared and then disappeared again.
We climbed well and got to the tarn bang on a previously recced line. A lot of teams had lost a lot of time looking for the tarn and then checkpoint. It was all down hill now and apart from me leading Steve over a wall and then back over we descended well. I had to try really hard to keep up with Steve and at times I was hanging on!!!

Amazingly we handed over to Sam Ware and Andy Thompson ( the young 'uns)  having gained a place!!

These two fella's had an absolute storming run. It might be only 4.5 mile but route choice and nav are critical for a fast time. There never put a foot wrong and by the time they passed over to Derek Hurton and Dave Sargent we were in 11th position. Sam and Andy were 10th fastest on their leg. Brilliant.

Dave and Derek were the perfect 2 to bring the team home. Both fast and very experienced. Conditions had not improved on the tops and apart from a slight wander on Fairfield, all was going well......
... until Derek's sole came off his shoe!!!!
Dave described it best  " It sounded like someone was clapping me all the way down St Sundays, such as the noise it made". ha ha ha.
They came into the finish in a magnificent 15th position and apart from been annoyed for a minute or two, they were full of smiles and laughter again. A fantastic effort by all (especially Derek and his flip flops) 

A great day and great result for our small club . Roll on next year.

Borrowdale won.......again!

Anth and Alex
other teams were trying to intimidate  us

Derek with flip flop in hand. Enjoyment on their faces echoed all around.

 Sam Ware let slip bout this on curry night after the relays