Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Cumberland Ale 10 - Sept 17th 2017

A ten miler that Ive never ran before.
Its starts and finishes from Jennings Brewery in Cockermouth so that was another incentive to do it.
The first mile is all up hill and had another steep uphill at the half way point. In between there is lots of bumps.
I had good run and ran hard to finish 5th overall in just over 62 minutes.
Overall fairly pleased but still struggling to run sub 6s in training. Im hoping I will have more speed come Mid November.
Blain Rooney won in 57.57

Heart of Eden Half Marathon 15th October 2017

A route that started and finished at my old secondary school so it was nice to have a look around the old school yards.(smokers corner)
Its also a route that Id never ran before but knew it would be fairly hilly.
About 130 runners gathered on the start line and looking around soon realised a lot of the faster runners were absent. (insert smiley face here)
As the the gun got us started about 5 of us formed a small pack at the front, among us was club fellow mate Jack.
After a small fast downhill the route started to climb where Jack soon got bored and strode out and formed a gap. A gap that would extend till the finish line.
After a couple of miles I was in second place with a small group a hundred meters behind.
The course climbed gradually for the first few miles and I soon settled in to a nice easy rhythem keeping my pace steady
I was a bit surprised after 5 miles when a Dumfries runner caught, then passe, then got a gap of 30 meters ahead of me. He seemed a stronger runner then me so I decided to try and defend 3rd place and make the 2nd place guy didn't get too far ahead of me.
Around 9 miles things started to feel easy so I upped my pace a bit. The Dumfries guy seemed to be going through a bad patch and I soon caught him up and then pushed hard. I was hoping he wouldn't stick with me because I don,t think I could've carried on at the same pace but luckily he slipped back a little bit.
The last mile was down hill and I had to work really hard to keep ahead of 3rd (who had been caught by his club mate and first lady) and Iwaas soon running past smokers corner 1 hour 23 mins after I left to finish second behind Jack Erye who finished 3 minutes ahead.(insert sad face here)

A good workout that will hopefully help me towards the two ten milers coming up.