Monday, 28 December 2009

Blencathra Snow Run

Managed to sneak out of the house this afternoon for a quick run up Blencathra. Parked the car in the lay by before the White Horse and made my ascent up Mousthwaite Comb and Scales Fell. Most people were making there way down, some on skis, whilst I made heavy work of the snow. I was determined to run it all, but again  I was forced to walk maybe 30 yards where the last zigzags are meant to be, they was a snow path straight up instead of the zigzags. The view on top was fantastic with the sun beginning to set. I got back to my car in a little over an hour, so a good workout.
What is pleasing me is that I am beginning to run more climbs now. On Wednesday im hoping to do leg 2, and on Friday its the Nine Standards Fell Race, but first I have a bedroom to paint!


Irk said...

Yeah running more climbs in deep snow Stu! To put it in perspective, i was ski touring on Raise today and that was tiring enough. Lot of respect for running in these conditions mate.

kate said...

nice one! i had trouble running on the flat in calf deep snow. you're certainly getting stronger and the training is paying off :)