Thursday 17 September 2009

Mixing Road And Fell

Managed to stick to my plan and did some road miles on Tuesday. I ran the same 10 mile circuit that I've been doing the last few weeks, but this time it felt like I was really having to push myself (I'm sure it wasn't this tough last year) and managed to get back home in just under 70 Min's. I will find out next weekend if I have got slower or quicker on the road as I'm running in the Dumfries half marathon. In May, on the back of a solid winters training, I ran the Keswick half in 1.23, but I think a more realistic time for this is maybe 1.30.

On Wednesday night me and Steve recced  (in a fashion)  leg 4 of the Ian Hodgson relay, as we have been paired together. The route goes from Patterdale and climbs up to St Sunday Crag and then over (or around?) Cofa Pike, onto Fairfield and then onto Hart Crag, Up to this point was not too bad but we made a right mess coming of Hart Crag dropping down too far right and having a slow horrible descent down to Brotherswater. We then had a 3 mile road run (in the dark) back to Patterdale. Legs were feeling it today but hopefully worth it.

Had some good news regarding my Bob Graham attempt next May, with Iain Kelly agreeing to show me leg 3 over winter and helping me out on the day of the round, he has also offered rope support on Broadstand, a real bonus and a huge weight lifted of my mind. Another bonus for me is Dave Owens helping out on leg 2.

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