Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Update on the last update

Was it really 26 months since my last post and and my impending London marathon debut.

A lot has happened in that time.

London was great. As I mentioned in my last post -over 2 years ago - the hotel (expensive) and train tickets {another mortgage) were all booked and paid for. The training had gone great and I was hopeful of a sub 3. It was just a shame that I got a stress fracture 4 weeks prior. I felt total despair for my misfortune and couldn't even go to London to watch or even stay in the plush hotel for 3 nights. My wife, her friend and my daughter had no trouble in helping me out though and Im led to believe they had a great few days away. They did complain of having tired feet I seem to recall.

Later on that year I did Langdale marathon and finished a distant 2nd on a wet and miserable September day. That was my third and last marathon and even though I would like to get a sub 3, I don't think its going to happen now. I shall let my Windermere 3.04 haunt me forever.
And that was the main talking points on 2015.

2016 was a better year.
Less road running and much more fells.
My stats were 2290 miles with 399,000 feet climb.
104 runs up Arthur;s Pike

Highlights were.
Three Peaks 3hr 40 mins
Helvellyn Fell race
Howtown Fell race
Tour De Helvellyn

All 3 races seemed impossible a few years ago when I was injured with Gilmores Groin and it was great to do  3 Peaks again. I was only 1 second off getting a first class certificate and only 20 seconds from a PB. I promised my self I would train hard for the next year and try and get nearer 3.35.

Finishing Three Peaks
I thought Helvellyn would be a lot easier then what it was. Ive done this race a few times but I struggled a bit on the climbs and didn't push hard enough on the faster runnable bits but still felt good to running on the high ground again.


Howtown is a race on my doorstep and never been injury free to do it so was absolutely magic to finally run it. Had a great battle with club mate Derek Hurton and was pleased to finish in the top 10 in 2hr 22min.

Howtown Fell Race

Again Tour De Helvellyn was another event that is on my doorstep and thought it was be beyond me a couple of years ago.
Suppressed myself and finished 7th in 6hrs 27mins  - Delighted with time but couldn't have wished for better running conditions.

The main reason I let my running dairy/blog slip is because I was uploading all my activities on Strava but Ive come realise I like expressing my thoughts down on paper.

Im hoping to continue this blog on a more regular basis. Ive said it before in a much earler post but this blog is for me and for me to read back when Im older and no doubt  wince at the shite I wrote.

That's me all caught up.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


With December and January been and gone I thought I would post an update of my training/progress/ego.

Finished the Cumbria XC league feeling much better then I did at the start. A demotion to the middle group was very just. It meant that I had a 3 minute start on the fast lads - I needed them too - and I think it actually helped me race a bit quicker.
Enjoyed the Penrith XC the most. I managed to beat Alex Davies for the first time EVER at cross country. I used some underhand tactics though. Normally I race flat out from the start but on this occasion I tucked in behind Alex for 2 of the 4 laps. On lap 3 I pushed on ahead and to my utter amazement/joy he didn't give chase........ Phew...!!

Alex is also training hard for the London Marathon and is a seasoned sub 3 marathoner. Im keeping tabs on his training via Strava and when he ups his long runs I try to up mine the following week.
I would love to cross the line with him in sight but to do this I need a bit  LOT of luck.

December seen me hit by a Flu virus that knocked the stuffing out of me and I never really got over it till late January. I tried to carry on training through it but in the end I was forced to take a week off and and it took a lot out of me. I still got a very sore abdominal with all the coughing and I can still feel pain on my longer runs. This stems from my operation 2 years ago.

I purchased a marathon training book with a schedule to follow. I followed it for 9 days before I jacked it in. I've never followed a plan before and I was feeling a bit pressured by it. Instead I will carry on what I've done for the last few years. Fast lunch runs with long run at the weekend. I will start to add the odd slow evening run and a midweek long run too.

On Saturday I had a rare run up Arthurs Pike - very very enjoyable. No clock watching. No mile splits. No fell shoes though made it interesting in the snow and ice.

Hotel booked and train tickets purchased. Its not cheap this road running lark.

Friday, 21 November 2014

London Or Bust

A year has nearly past since my last Blog post. A year that has seen me do most of my running on the black stuff.
The fells still cause me problems re the old injury but Ive not giving up on running the fells again.....yet.
This year Ive managed four fell races.
On New Years day I ran the 9 Standards fell race albeit still drunk from the night before! I soon sobered up.
In February I ran the High Cup Nick fell race in the afternoon after running Penrith Park run in the morning. Fairly pleased with my effort in this race but struggled a bit on the steeper climb up the Nick and ran out of battery near the end but that great feeling you get at the end of a fell race made it all worth while.
In June, two weeks after Windermere Marathon (more on that later) I ran the Kirkby Stephen Mountain Yomp.
 I really enjoyed this and ran comfortable most of the route. The wheels came off in the last 5 miles and the descent from 9 standards to the finish really hurt and aggravated my groin but finishing 3rd fastest on the day made it worth while. It also gave me some false confidence that I could maybe race harder on shorter fell races.
This I tested at Skiddaw fell race where every step on the descent was horribly painful.
Still 4 fell races this year is still 4 more then I managed in 2012!
I can still train a bit on the fells as long as a) don't go too far and b)  don't push too hard especially on the descents.
Skiddaw - never again?

Big feet...?

Most of my training is now getting done on my lunch break at work. I can normally get 5-7 good quality hard/fast miles in or a quality hill session.
The roads cause me much less pain on the old wounds. I seem to be able to run fairly comfortable without too much pain. It still hurts at times but is much more manageable.
When I was injured I said to myself IF I did get to the stage where I could run again I would try and run a marathon under 3 hours. I had only ran one marathon before and that was Loch Ness with very little training. I think my time was 3-16
I decided to enter London 2015 and told some running mates of my plan. The trouble with London is its a ballot so there's no guarantee of an entry and they recommended I try and get a good for age time at Windermere.  No problem there then - it was only 5 weeks away!!
Steve Angus, a veteran of marathons, assured me a sub 3-15 would be well in my capabilities thus insuring me of a place for London.
I ran 3-04 but the last 6 miles I faded badly. I finished 7th overall and got first V45 which meant getting my prize awarded to me by the great Joss Naylor. I cant begin to tell you how chuffed I felt.

Joss is on the right!!

I also ran two half marathons, Haweswater, 83 mins and Cumbriian Run 82 mins.

Haweswater Half

The rest of the year I trained with the idea of running the 2two autumn ten mile road races well.
Last weekend I ran the second one of these, Brampton to Carlisle in a PB time of 58-50.

I also running the XC races this year (badly) with the aim of them making me stronger. Ive noticed that I am much weaker without the hard fell miles so hopefully the XC will help.

So apart from a few Park-runs that's my year.
January will see my marathon training begin.

Anyone got any tips...?

PS Steve Angus is still UGLY and my old training buddy Stevie B is cycling daft now. More on these two inspirations in my future posts.


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Now Then......Where Was I.......

Oh yes - falling on my arse in a stream of freezing water at the Outerside fell race in March!!

Its December now so thought I would update my blog - after all the initial idea for it in the first place was for me to have some written memory's to look back upon when I'm an old fella who cant climb the stairs anymore, let alone the fells.

April and May continued with a few slow runs and I carried on getting the bike miles in. The bike was going that well that I even purchased a new one.
2013 was definitely the year that I that I actually rode the bike because I enjoyed it rather the ride it just to keep fit.

Nothing of note to say about my running until early June when my big mate (Steve Angus) was attempting the Bob Graham Round. I was still struggling with my injury and wasn't sure if I could help support him . It was decided that I would turn up on leg 2 and do nowt on the leg but try and capture the moment on camera. To be honest I didn't really expect to be with them when the morning light appeared  but I surprised myself and did the whole leg and also got some photos of him.
Something I was really proud to do because he helped me on my own round in 2010 and was a solid support on leg 3 for me....... he also got some cracking photos of me on the round..... ( he didn't really) and was good enough to show up again at Moot Hall at the finish......(he didn't really).
It is something that I will continue to rib him about for a long time to come.
Steve flew around the round in a sub 20 hour time I was chuffed to bits for him. I knew how much time and effort he had put into it.

below are a small selection of photos that I took for him........ for which I'm still awaiting payment!

some hours later I went to the Moot Hall....

Well done ulgy.

The rest of June and July was spent on the bike with the odd run thrown in. We also moved house.

August I upped my running to about 20 odd miles a week and found out that as long as I didnt run long distances I stayed relatively pain free . At the end of the month I ran Dufton fell race.
A small field of 50 or so runners and I was was fairly pleased to get in the top ten and get prize for my age category but more importantly.....Pain free!!

Finishing Dufton

Buoyed by little return to fell running I upped my millage on the fell but soon found out I was still in pain when descending and putting effort in.I fell back to the flatter surface and also did the Ride for Micheal sportive - less said about that the better.

In October I got roped in to run in the Ian Hodgson relays. Little Eden did well where as I climbed well suffered a bit on the long downhill run in. It was good to be in it though having missed the team last year.

November was a busy month. Two ten mile road races, a XC and park run.

Derwentwater 10 was the first and I only really decided to enter it a few days before.
A Kath Batty Photo

My road running was going well and running at a lunchtime at work was giving me a bit of speed back.
I think I ran it in 62-15 - way above my expectations and I was again in the prize money for 2nd V45.
The following weekend I biked to Carlisle and ran in the XC. I suffered badly in this, mainly due to the poor choice of footwear but still really enjoyed it.

Next up was the Brampton to Carlisle ten miler where my sub 60 three years ago ranks as high as my 21-07 BGR.
It was not to be this year. 16 seconds over.
I have absolutely loved running these ten milers and hopefully will do for years to come.

B2C before the wheels fell off
Last weekend we spent in Leeds so I popped along to the local park run at Temple Newsham.

Today I tried to up my long run to 15 miles. I managed it but not without pain. I will continue to run up to ten miles for now .

So that's that. I'm happy to be running again and hopefully things will continue to improve.

Future events?
Well I would love to run in the Tour de Helvellyn, especially after last years fiasco of taking photos and I also would like to tick the Lakeland 50 off............. the only certainty is that it wont be in the next 12 months.

onwards and upwards

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Not The Causey Pike Fell Race 2013

Second fell race in 18 months for me yesterday.
You forget how hard it is.

However I haven't lost my ability to make myself look an idiot......

Looks Deep
oh shit !
This is gonna hurt

Its cold

get up
wet arse
I don't think anyone seen!!

Back to the drawing board.

Lots of togs yesterday....

Keswick & District

fellrunner net (dobbos)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Its Proving hard work

to get bloody fit again!!

The last 8 days have seen me on the fells and its been bloody hard work. It does not help that I'm going out with lads who are by far much better/fitter runners then myself.

After spending a week at a rehabilitation centre where I did a lot of stretching, swimming and gym work I was eager to see if I could still run up Blencathra non stop. I did. Just.

It wasn't fast or pretty (40 mins) but I didn't care - I felt great!

A walker on Halls Fell Summit
Two days later I found myself at Spoony Green lane Keswick. I was going to test myself on Skiddaw now by running up the big tourist path. I was met by Steve Angus who was thinking of running leg 1 of the BG route but was feeling a bit below the weather and suggested we run up to Mellbeck and ascend Skiddaw via Carl Side. I hadnt been up Carl Side for over 20 years and liked the idea.The first couple of miles felt easy until we hit the fell. For me it was like running into a wall! For the next 20-30 minutes I moaned for England.
My calfs were screaming at the steepness and my heart fell below my knees as Steve effortlessly pulled ahead.
I got a second breath at the tarn and began to feel better and managed to run to Skiddaw summit - leaving Steve in my wake - he had stopped for a piss!!
We carried on down over hart Crag and jogged back to Keswick past Skiddaw House.
A good 2 1/2 hours out and if felt good.
Me moaning my way up Carl Side
Steve pretending he cant hear me
Good views though

Tuesday evening I was again left feeling inadequate after hanging on to Steve Bennetts back wheel for 24 fast ice cold miles.

Feeling confident I arranged to meet my old Wednesday night training mates - Steve "Turnip" Bennett and Sam "Beetroot" Ware at Scales car park for a head torch run up Blencathra.We met Steve Angus at the car park who had already been up earlier but stopped to pose for a photo.
captain beetroot and the 2 Steves
Sam has got himself fantastically fit these last 2 years and I swear he was not even trying as I huff and puffed my way up. He was wanting to chat but soon realised that I was beyond chatter and before long Steves and Sams head torches grew small and fainter.I was on my knees and as I was approaching the Zig Zags. Capt beetroot had ran back down to run the last bit with me.
I was on my arse and gave the old "go on without me - im not bothered bout topping out speech"
Sam wasn't having it though and coaxed me up the last bit where Steve B was still recovering after trying to keep up with the" beetroot kid".
Im so glad he did though because the views were fantastic in the clear night sky's.
turnip heed and beetroot

The descent was as bad as the ascent where I manged to trip up. This I fear was the last straw for turnip heed and beetroot and they disappeared into the night  leaving old sad arse to find his own way down!
Back at the car park Sam wanted to know if we were going to be going out on Wednesday nights again-
We are but your not invited anymore!!
Thursday and Friday I did nowt. Well thats not true - I felt sorry for myself.

Saturday and Steve Angus was wanting a shortish run so we decided to go up Blencathra via Blease and descend by Doddick. I used to be able to run all of this route but found it imposible today and walked a good bit of the steep fell side. With snow on the ground and high winds in our faces it was still tough going.
We got back to the cars after 1 1/2 hours and probably only 6 miles.

latrigg from Blease fell

stood in sumat Steve ?

I am starting Pilates next week. I'm still experiencing pain in my stomach. I am not going let it get to me.....

........ yet!!

Ive had a fuckin great week :-)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Last Time....

.....I mention Gilomore's Groin - I hope.

Today I visited the surgeon who operated on me on November 5th last year. He gave me the best possible news that at times I thought I would never hear........ "you can start running again"!!

So 20 months after getting injured and 16 months of no fell racing (Kettlewell Relays was the last time I wore the Eden vest),  I'm free to start nashing/plodding up tops again.

At times I thought my running was finished. I'm not the fastest or the fittest but not being able to do something you love is horrible - hence my race photography at local fell races, which allowed me to keep in touch with a great sport. My photos are not the quality of the so called pros but they are all free for anyone to download.

The annoying thing is my injury was fixed within 2 months after getting properly diagnosed - let it go stu....

I realise I still have a lot to do before I can run hard and its gonna hurt getting fit again but just to run pain free again will do for now.

See you on the tops :-)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nine Standards Fell Race

Its been a long time since I have written a blog post about a fell race that I was involved in - 16 months to be precise!
But with a hangover and 2 weeks of slow steady training behind me I along with 165 others stood on the start line in Kirkby Stephen for the 25th Nine Standards Fell Rcae.
I figured I could manage to run/walk it after doing a low level fell run with Steve Angus 3 days previous.
I'm still experiencing pain where I had the operation but I figured as long as I didn't do owt daft and took it easy I be all right..... easier said then done!

Milling about at the start it was great to see old friends again - though some have changed. My old training mate Sam Ware has started wearing silly things on his calfs and was banging on about beetroot all the time!

On your marks....
The start was a very gentle affair - for us nearer the back - and it was a nice jog out of the town. It soon stopped being gentle when we started climbing up the road towards the fell. I've done this race a few times before and never before has the 2 mile stretch of road felt so long. Folk were coming past me steadily but I was still running.....just.
Finally the fell appeared and it would be 2 miles before we reached the top. I spotted a club mate ahead and decided I would try and keep him in sight. He was soon pulling away though so I gave up that plan and decided I would take some photos with the compact I had been carrying from the start.
Before long the leaders were streaming past and it looked like  Carl Bell had a real fight on with Morgan Donnelly.
The race is on

plenty of racing near the back too

 I decided to put the camera away and concentrate on getting to the summit - which was proving to be a slog through the wet ground but better then the foot of snow I once ran it in.
I'm ashamed to say I walked the last bit, right up to the cairns - I didn't care how many folk were stood watching- I was fooked!!
I manage to get running again and thought the downhill would cause me problems - it has in the past - but I found I was ticking along nicely and started passing the odd runner.
I spied my club mate (Jon Tombs - who has a had fantastic running year with his BGR and other long distance events) ahead and before long we were running together, pulling each other along catching a few more runners.
Before long the tarmac hit and I could feel the pain in my stomach and maybe a bit foolishly carried on pushing - I didn't want to loose all the ground we had made up on the fell - to the finish.
It felt great running with Jon and I doubt if I hadn't come across him I would of ran home a lot slower then I did.
My taxi ( Steve Angus ) was almost changed and had walked scamp by the time I finished but I didn't care..... hangover had gone!!

Carl Bell won and broke the record. Well done fella.  
Lauren Jeska won for the ladies. Well done lass.

Club mates Kim Colinson finished in 3rd and Sam Ware 5th. A good turn out from Eden Runners. Well done team Eden.

Steve Angus has a super run too finishing in the top ten - Well done ya weirdo !!

Good to be back :-)

Back to see the surgeon next week and a full weeks intensive physio. Apparently all my core muscle has gone - dont think I ever had any tbh  - Happy New Year

Friday, 16 November 2012

Gilmore Groin

This post is more for myself and anybody else trawling the net trying to find out about Gilmore groin/sports hernia/inguinal hernia repair.

My History
At the end of 2010 I was probably the fittest I had ever been. In May I successfully completed the Bob Graham Round and in the autumn I set a few Pb's on the roads. In January 2011 I developed a stress fracture in the ankle and got laid up for 6 weeks. When it healed I started doing faster running reps to try and improve some of my times for later on in the year.
When fit I like to try and do a fell race every other week and from April on-wards I competed in Loughrigg, coledale horseshoe, TWA, lords seat, 3 peaks, Helvellyn, Blencathra, Tebay, and Wasdale - slowly getting fitter and improving. I had entered Snowdon fell race in July and in the week before I was doing 400 reps on grass and near the end of the session I felt a sharp burning pain in my lower abdomen. I stopped straight away and after a few minutes rest it eased off. I tried jogging home but the pain was too much, my groin was hurting too. I wasn't too concerned - I've had groin trouble since and on my BGR (I had to walk/shuffle from Pilar onwards - such was the pain) and thought it would pass with a day or two rest. This is when it all started for me....

My Symptoms
That night when I went to bed I was in a good bit of pain and I convinced myself it was a stomach tear.
When awoke in the morning I tried to sit up but the pain in my lower abdomen  was tremendous and it took me 20 minutes to get up. I walked very gingerly to work and as the day went on the pain eased off a bit. I made a doctors appointment and he told me I had probably torn a muscle - rest til better was his advice.
As the week went on my pain eased of almost completely and I decided to travel down to Snowdon.
The first time I had ran since my injury was the warm up prior to the race and I decided if I didn't push too hard I should be OK.
I loved the race - right up my street with plenty of good running - and felt OK til the last mile when I felt mild pain again in the lower abdomen.
Over the next few weeks I eased back on the running and did more road cycling. I was still doing a bit of fell running but only at a plodding pace, anything harder hurt specifically on the descents.
By the end of September I ran at the Orton fell race, which is more like a XC race and ran OK but the last mile pain began to form in the abdomen and groin area again.
It was beginning to hurt if I coughed or sneezed now and getting in and out of bed was sometimes awkward.
I was finding I could run a few miles before the abdomen pain kicked in and if it did it would recover in a few days again.
I started stretching more and visited a few physios. Physio didn't work out for me so I went to a very good remedial masseurs in Dave Stones/Ray Pescod who thought my problems stem from my back being so stiff.

I managed to compete in the IHMR and British Fell Relays but realised things were NOT getting any better.
I started googling my pains up and this is when I first came across Gilmore groin - the symptoms were exactly like mine.I felt a slight relief!
I went back to the doctor and asked if I could have a scan and mentioned Gilmore groin to him.He had never heard of it but said he would send me for a ultrasound scan. I knew this was pointless because if it was Gilmores it does not show up on ultrasound scans, but I went on the off chance.
The result came back - I did not have a hernia - I KNEW THAT.
I had packed in running now. The last run I did had seen me walking back the 7 miles to my car in pain.
The pain is hard to describe. The abdomen pain is like a tear and the pain goes down the inside of your leg.
I was desperate now and started looking at going Private, but the cost (£3000-£5000) was far more then I could afford.
I kept on going back to the doctors and two GP's told me stop running if it hurt.
Another one suggested I stop for a year to give things a chance to repair/improve. This was good advice but if it was Gilmore groin it does not mend itself.
After 4 months of not running and still getting pain if I coughed/sneezed and getting in and out of cars, I returned to the doctors. I seen a different GP this time and he sent me to see a general surgeon in Hexham who might be able to help.
The General Surgeon had a junior DR with him and it was the junior doctor who examined me first. He mentioned Gilmores Groin to me and I felt such relief. The General Surgeon then came into the room and the junior DR told him about the possibility of Gilmore Groin. He examined me and said I did not have a hernia and he was very sceptical that Gilmores Groin even existed!!
I went home really confused and depressed.
I then got an appointment to go for a MRI scan. Again this did not show any sign of a hernia.

A bit of Good Luck
I got a letter of the junior doctor who had examined me, saying that he had taken an interest in my case and had made an appointment for me to go and see a Groin Specialist at Gateshead.
In September this year I traveled over and within 2 minutes of being examined was told I had Gilmore groin on both sides and would need operated on. The relief was immense and I came home with a date to be operated on- 6 weeks time - November 5th  2012. Seventeen months after getting injured.

What is Gilmore Groin

This condition is named after Jerry Gilmore, the London surgeon who first recognised this syndrome in 1980. The condition is also known as a Sports hernia, but Gilmore's Groin is a more apt title because, strictly speaking, there is no true herniation.

Gilmore's Groin is characterised by damage to the tissue that surrounds the Inguinal canal. Specifically, there is a tear to the aponeurosis (a sheet like tendon) of the External Oblique muscle and/or a tear to the tendon of the Internal Oblique muscle.

The symptoms of Gilmore's Groin are characterised by pain during sports movements, particularly twisting and turning. This pain usually radiates to the Adductor muscle region and even the Testicles, although it is often difficult for the patient to pin-point.
Following sporting activity the person with Gilmore's Groin will be stiff and sore. The day after sports activity, getting out of bed or a car will be difficult. Any exertion that increases intra-abdominal pressure, such as coughing, sneezing or sporting activity can cause pain. In the early stages, the person may be able to continue playing their sport, but the problem usually gets progressively worse.
Pain in the groin and pelvis can be referred from a number of problems, including injuries to the lumbar spine, the hip joint, the sacro-iliac joint, the abdomen and the genito-urinary system, so diagnosis of Gilmore's Groin requires skilful differentiation.
The diagnosis of Gilmore's Groin is based on the patient's history and clinical signs. The most notable clinical sign is widening of the superficial Inguinal ring on the affected side, which can be palpated during the physical examination when the scrotum is inverted with the doctor's finger. Typically, there is specific pain on coughing and sneezing, as well as sitting up and squeezing the legs together.

The Operation
I had to have a bilateral (both sides) Inguinal repair operation.
Inguinal hernia is when when you HAVE a hernia and can be seen - don't get confused!
My operation meant I was to have a two cuts in the lower abdomen about 3" long and mesh placed inside to strengthen the walls of my abdomen.
I was to be allowed out on the same day and recovery would begin the next day walking for 15 minutes building it up to 4 x 30 minutes after 7 days.
I was warned that I would be in some pain for the first week or two and just grit your teeth.
The staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and surgeon (Dr Kevin Clark) was first class and I cannot praise them enough.

However......anyone who should Stumble Upon this blog whilst looking for advice  info on Gilmore Groin/Sports Hernia I've added the healing part of which nothing can prepare you for....

Grit Your Teeth
OK I maybe a wuss but if I can help prepare one person of what to expect I shall feel my life fulfilled!

When I came around in hospital (very surreal) I was giving toast and water and told to dress myself when I felt I could. The toast was much needed - I had not eating owt all day and it was 5.30pm now- and I soon scoffed it down. I got dressed fairly quickly (I was still numb and had no pain......yet).
I was told when I could pass water I was allowed to leave. My brother was waiting to drive me back the 80 odd miles home.
A couple of nurses had stressed concern about me going home and wanted me to stop in for the night - they did not know I lived so far away but I convinced them I felt fine. I did.....
...until I went all faint and they had to put a oxygen mask on me. I must of got up too fast!!

Eventually Im heading back home along the A69 and the journey passes ok.
Getting out of the car the other end though proved to be a bit more awkward but I soon find myself back in my favorite chair being fussed on (this did not last long).
Getting into bed was about the hardest thing I have ever done and I am more proud of this feat then anything else I have achieved! (obs the birth of my kids don't count....or getting married)
It was AGONY. And when I did get laid down I lay there like a plank. I could not move up, down or side to side.
My stomach had swollen up like a hot air balloon and I was up to the loo about 4 times during the night passing urine!
Each time getting in and out of bed was shear torture.The incisions are right on the part of your body where everything goes through you to make your lump of a body move!!
Morning came and the wife was fed up of me now!!
At dinnertime we had a 15 minute walk ,as ordered. I was like an old women, barley able to put one foot in front of the other but I achieved it and was soon back home in my chair.
Top Tip-keep moving about every hour or so - no matter how much it hurts getting up and down - it's better then stiffening up.
This went on for 3-4 days. My walks got further and and I a littlt faster.
All was going well. It still hurt to get in and out of bed and I could slowly inch down if I was too high.
But then I sneezed!

Christ that was pain ! (worse then childbirth.......I imagine)

My right side was healing nicely but my left was still very painful, especially in the incision. I was convinced something had not worked. For one side was pain free and the other total agony.
If I turned sharply, coughed or sneezed it was like a red hot poker going down your groin. I learnt to hold my bad side if I was going to cough - this helped, just apply gentle pressure.
On day eight I was walking up to 2 miles. The right side was fine, no pain whatsoever. Job done.
The left side was not going so well..
It really hurt to laugh and after a visit from Steve A and Steve B there was no danger of getting pain from laughing - boring sods ( only joking fellas. your visits were very much appreciated)
I'm writing this 11 days after my operation. The left hand side is beginning to catch the right side up. Still mega sore to cough but I'm walking about nearly normal now.
I phoned the surgeons secretary up and asked her about the pain in the right side, she said the surgeon had probably gone deeper into that side and it's normal. She said it will take up to 6 weeks to recover and I was only in day 9!!
She probably wanted to say that I was a pain in the right side but good manners prevented her!!

The Conclusion
Diagnosing a sports hernia can be difficult unless the doctor has a wealth of experience treating athletes who have groin pain. Sports hernia is the most unique and misunderstood cause of groin pain, and not all doctors recognise sports hernia symptoms.
Physical exam focusing on the groin area, upper leg, and lower abdomen. Ordering appropriate x ray studies to rule out courses of groin pain and other sports hernia.

On a personal note I hope to start light running again after Xmas and have got a weeks physio booked for the second week In January. I go back to see the surgeon on the 7th Jan to make sure all is well.
Fingers crossed.

Thanks you to everybody who has left messages via this blog, text , twitter, blipfoto and email. All very much appreciated.

The photo Bit
As you can imagine I haven't been out and about much lately but the night before mt operation I had a wander up Hallin Fell

The disclaimer

Did I say that!