Tuesday 1 September 2009

Back On The Road

Decided to do a 10 mile road run tonight which included the 4 mile New Streets race route, a very hilly race held in November, for Eden Runners.

Last winter I ran this route at least once a week but tonight I found it tough going, maybe I have done too many fell miles lately, but i will persevere with it in a bid to try and improve my speed.

A really fast runner once told me that they never bothered with speed sessions, instead doing lots of hill work(up as well as down). I once dabbled in Eden Runners speed sessions but maybe because i was new to it, I ended up getting shin splints (i don't think running on the pavements helped).

I am going to cut down on road races this winter, instead I will concentrate on recceing the bg and getting familiar with legs 3 and 4, however the ones i want to do are;

Dumfries 1/2 (mates from work are doing this)
Derwentwater 10
Ravonstonedale 10k
and maybe the Cumbrian Run.

I quite fancy doing the Buttermere Round too, but maybe knock that back a year.

70 mins. 10 miles.

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