Sunday 20 September 2009

Dale Head fell Race

I first did this fell race last year, my 1st year of fell running in which I did 32 races, 17 fell, 4 cross country, and 11 road and trail. This was my 26th fell race this year. so a good chance to see what, if any improvements I have made.
The race is part of the Borrowdale show, and is a great day out, especially when the sun shines like it did today.

The race itself leaves the showground and heads up a track where you cross a river and start a gruelling climb that seems to go on forever which takes you through an old quarry. You think your nearly at the top, but then you realize your not even half way up. At this point I was quite pleased with my effort keeping ahead of some runners who normally beat me to the summit.

At last the summit arrives and its time to make your choice for the descent. Last year I ran straight down to the tarn hobbling over some rocks on the way, but this year I decided to keep right where it is more run able,
I lost 3 places here, but that was more due to my poor descending skills and when we got to the tarn I was back with them and feeling quite strong.

Just before the quarry's I lifted my head up to have a quick look for best line down when I rolled my right ankle over, this has happened a few times before and normally after a few seconds of pain, I'm able to run again, but this time I just couldn't get going again, not even on the fast grassy descent where I lost another 2 places. Hacked off, I carried on trying my best to run on it, eventually finishing back in the show field.

Once back, with the disappointment  over, catching up with friends old and new, I realize just how much i am enjoying this sport, even if I am limping about with a big fat ankle.
Was very pleased when I seen the results, my time over 3 Min's quicker then last year!

Anth Labrum finishing strong.

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Unknown said...

Fat and very bruised ankle Stu! Still, its good to see a bit of 'weight' on that fell-running frame