Sunday 13 September 2009

High Raise And Back

With good weather again it was too good of a day to waste, so this morning  I ran from Roe Head, over Loadpot, Wether Hill and up onto High Raise.
As I don't have any GPS gizmo's, I map my runs on Memory Map to get a rough idea of the distance I have ran. This run is roughly 14 miles (felt more like 30 today).
I don't have a Heart Rate Monitor neither preferring to run on feel. I also used to wear a watch on race day too, but thought it put too much pressure on me, so now only wear a watch on long runs over 2 hrs.
I am going to do some road miles on Tuesday night and then recce Leg 4 of the Ian Hodgson Relay on Wednesday, which is only 3 weeks away now.

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