Sunday 4 July 2010


Feeling buoyed (is that spelt right) with the last weeks mileage, even though the niggles were still there, I thought it would be a good test for me to visit a regular 13 mile fell run that I do quite a bit.
Its a route that takes you over 4 tops and is all runnable, but testing (its quite tempting to walk at least 2 of the ups), but it would give me a good indication of where I was in terms of fitness

So on Saturday morning I set off and within a mile I could feel my right hip feeling tender, but after the first climb it had settled down. For the next 45 minutes things felt great, I was moving well, felt like I had a spring in my step and enjoying the environment that I was in (seen 3 other people on my run).

Then on the last steep descent I felt the top of my inner thigh tighten and made every footfall sore, so what do I do? stop? walk? no, carry on hoping it will ease off when I hit the flat.
Well it did ease of slightly so I pushed on with 4 miles still to go.
This route I normally complete in 2hours, so again I was pleased to see the clock back at the car record my time of 2 hrs 6 mins. Only 6 mins slower, but quite a hot day and the groin slowing me down. I drove home with the feeling  the speed was coming back.........This feeling did not last.
By the time I pulled up in my drive and tried to swing my legs out off the car the feeling had long gone.
During that afternoon I shuffled about the house and started googling "groin strains"on the PC. The readings were not very encouraging and im hoping that if I stay off the hills for a week or two, things will improve, fingers crossed.

Sunday was Skiddaw fell race so I took my camera to take some pics.
For 8 weeks before this race the weather has been glorious. 3 hours after the fell race the weather was glorious. During the fell race tho the weather was PANTS! and I was bloody soaked!!
But like the pro I am not, I stood my ground and waited for the runners to make their way up, with rain lashing me and hands numb I started clicking. I must off took a photo of every one on the way up and when the last one passed I had a quick look at camera only to realise the setting was wrong and most pictures were out of focus CRAP!!!
But like the pro I am I waited for the runners to return and started snapping again. On reviewing the pics when I got home they were CRAPPER still but managed to salvage a few.........only for one UNGRATEFUL ROAD RUNNER text me saying  how embarrassed he would of been taking such shabby photos. Thats what you get for sitting on a soaking wet fell (with a very sore groin) on a Sunday taking pictures of appreciative fell runners and STEVE ANGUS!

Apart from his complaints it has got to said that Mr Angus had a very good run today and I was very surprised to see him beat Mr Bennett.
Well done all.

The top photo was taken last year and shows  2 fell runners battling it out, a battle that lasted the last 2 miles.

The photo on the bottom shows a road runner from the 70s. (click on it to enlarge)

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