Thursday 1 July 2010

A Dash Up Dash Falls

Duped again!!
It was promised it would be a slow steady run up to Dash Falls by Mr Bennett last night.
I know I have lost a bit of fitness these last few weeks, but this is getting beyond the joke.
I thought I was running at a good steady pace , but it wasn't enough as Steve pressed on ahead as I struggled to keep within 20 metres of him and when I did catch up to him, he would pick up the pace again.
I couldn't see his face but I imagine it had a big smirk on it.
We finally reached Dash Falls where I made the most of the water that I was carrying and we were off back again, this time it felt faster though, so I adopted the "conservation trick" hoping it would slow him down, but no good, he was on a mission.
With a mile to go and the ground a bit rougher I dared to get within a metre of him but this made him more determined, in the end getting back to the car a good 20 seconds before me.
Pleased really because last week I had no life at all in the old pistols, but at least tonight I could at least try and pretend to race him. Things are getting easier, but I was alarmed to weigh myself and see that I have put 1/2 a stone on in the last 4 weeks.
Things will get better, I hope!

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