Friday 28 May 2010

A Tough Week. Doing Nowt.

This last 6 days have been very tough. I have been wanting to run but resisted, hence I think has made me feel very tired, or is it the nerves??
I was going to go for a light run on Wednesday evening , but had forgotten I had a long overdue MRI scan at Carlisle for my ongoing knee problem at 5.50pm.
At time of posting this (8.45am) I still have a load of things to arrange but at least im of work today.
The weather looks like its going to be breezy and showers, but I cant do anything about that, its not as if i will melt or anything.
One tiny issue that is bothering me is not having anybody to rope Broad Stand for us, which means we will have to carry a rope with us, but again its not the end of the world.
So, that's it, at 1am on Saturday morning I will leave the Moot Hall and hopefully have a very memorable 24 hours on the tops.


Seb said...

Best of luck Stu. Don't worry about about how you feel today - I felt totally weird last Friday, doing nothing, but once you're on the move it'll all fall into place. Remember the most important bit - it's a great day, enjoy it!!!!

4 Winds said...

Good luck on Saturday, Stu! I'm sure it will be an amazing day :-)

Simon Anderson said...

Break a leg (strictly in the metaphorical sense of course)!

Alan M said...

Stu - hope it all goes well. You have certainly put the mileage and preparation in, so now all you have to do is...reap the benefit, and enjoy your day.

I'll be thinking of you as the day goes by. In fact, I have set my alarm for 01:00am for that very reason. Don't know how long I'll stay awake for, but I feel it's the least I can do.


Enjoy it


Reeds Runners said...

All the best Stu. You've done all the training and the recce, time to try and relax. We know you're more than determined enough to get through the shit bits.

Tomorrow will be one of those days that you will remember forever.

Most importantly, measure once, cut twice !

See you at Dunmail.

Reeds Runners (next stopping at Lancaster...)

Clare said...

ha ha, seen your comment on Gary's blog. Rest assured, you were not forgotten.
May even see you along the way. Just hoping it is not the same blistering pace that you boys set the last time we did leg 4.

Wishing you the best of luck,

Anonymous said...

Good luck stu on your bob graheme! i hope you do well :) :) :) Hannah

HannahsFriend said...

Good luck! Hope you do well too! :):):D:D

Hannahs' friend Zoee

Steve said...

Best of Luck Cowboy - hey, you might be not be the first to complete the BGR but you sure as hell will be the ugliest. I WILL NOT set my alarm for 1am! 5am is early enough for me - see you soon.

GAzJ said...

See you at the finish line. Best of luck GAz

Irk said...

See you tonight. If you're gonna ride the tiger, remember to hold onto the ears!

Donkarlo said...

Hope its all gone well pal.


Seb said...

Awesome performance, Stu. Welcome to the club!!!