Sunday 30 May 2010

21hr 07mins. And Relax!!!

May 29th will forever be etched into my memory, not as much for my success of the Bob Graham Round, but more of the true friendship, camaraderie  and kindness shown to me by some amazing folk. Im not going to thank them by name as they know who they are

I started writing  this blog in August last year to record all my days out on the fells and to also to keep as a record of all things related to the Bob Graham.

I'm afraid im not going to write a report of my Bob Graham Round, as its something that does not need writing down for me to read again, it will stay in my memory long after I cant run any more.

For me now, im going to rest up a few weeks and then start doing what  I love doing more then anything else, running in the hills.(oh, and Susan wants two bedrooms decorated)

Round Done!
Job Done!
Blog Done!

Thank you all for all your kind comments and advice over the past few months.

Some photos of the day can be found at
(Good one of Stevie B on his arse)



Anonymous said...

Well done Stu, was great to see you arriving at the Moot hall, great time as well! See you out on the fells in the next few weeks, Take care, Anja and Berni.

4 Winds said...

Amazing achievement! Thanks for the blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well done Sue
The blog has been excellent.
You deserve a rest.

Anonymous said...

That was meant to say Stu!

Emma said...

see - easy as that eh?! ;-) saw you briefly at Wasdale Stu, man on a mission indeed - very well done. Excellent going.

Alan M said...

Stu, well done mate. You have shown what can be achieved with a bit of determination and (a lot of) ability.

Now, about that 5k yesterday....... ;-)


Keith Murray said...

Great effort Stu, you've certainly earned a rest.

Anonymous said...

Well done Stu, an excellent achievement. As you are not doing a report on your Blog, I will look forward to you telling me all about it over a Pint; that is after you have done the decorating!

Ever thought of swimming the Channel?

All the best


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Stuart! Great time

Margaret Mackenzie

Anonymous said...

An incredible, superhuman achievement, Stu. We cannot begin to imagine how you must feel, but the looks of pride on the faces of your family said it all. Well done!
Malcolm and Paula

Anonymous said...

Well done Mallice, great achievement! Still think we were heading south!!!!

(Not as computer illiterate as you think eh!!)

kate said...

awesome! a fantastic achievement and a very impressive time. thanks for sharing your training. maybe see on one of those fells sometime :)

Mountain Kat said...

Stu, not sure if you're looking at this anymore - Have you submitted your report then yet? How are you recovering? Well done, a really great effort!

Richard Airlie-Gilbert said...

Only just caught up with this. WELL DONE!!! An amazing time. I'll settle for 2.50 longer than that!

Dawn said...

Great job, Stu! I'd love to do a Bog Graham Round sometime myself, sounds like a true challenge....