Thursday 29 October 2009

A Good Shake!

I don't know what got into me with the last recce of leg 1, but I have given myself a good shake and I am more determined  than ever to have a good go at the Bob Graham Round.
I think one of my problems is that it is going to be six months till I attempt it, and the thought of doing nothing else but recces,  wore me down a bit. Also at the moment I feel as fit as I have ever been and the thought of losing the little bit of speed I have worked hard to get  frightened me a bit.
The following night I did my usual hilly 10 mile road run in a hard 69 Mins .
On  Wednesday night at the club I once again chickened out off  the mile reps ,opting to do a 7 mile run instead.
By Sunday I was chomping at the bit to get back on the fells and had planned a good run up to Thornthwaite Beacon from roe head but I only got as far as Loadpot due to bad weather, but what really made my mind up was the lace snapping on my speed cross  trainers ( the ones you pull tight), so it was an awkward run back to the car.
On Monday just gone I managed to get the 10 mile down to 68 Mins and on Wednesday we did the club Rocket Run, a 3 mile handicapped race, wished I had done more speed reps!
On Sunday I plan to do Derwentwater 10 road race at Keswick, last year I did it in 64 Mins.
I am also toying with the idea of getting the head torch out for Friday night for a run up Arthur's pike, but I'll wait and see what the weathers like first.


Margaret said...

Hi Stuart - again

I am thinking about Joss Naylor Challenge next year - (I am 50 in January) and am starting to recce leg 1. I ran oveer part of the leg during the summer but weather was bad. What is the best way to get from Pooley Bridge up onto Arthur's Pike? Do you join the main bridleway or is there another way - a better way?


Irk said...

I plan to start my midweek hill reps up Kidsty again if you are up for some torchlit torture.


Stu Stod said...

I'm sure most people go up through Park foot camp site (car park , eusemere and then along the road to it). Dave Owen's did it last year, I will ask him. I always go from roe head. If you need any support let me know.
Good Luck.

Stu Stod said...

Sounds good, let me know when.