Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Left Leg

Derwentwater missed through illness. Gutted to miss it, as it a race I have done a few times now, and always a good measure to see if I have made any improvements.
Since March I have been bothered by a slight knee injury and after the Two Riggs fell Race in May my left knee wouldn't bend at all the next morning . After a trip to the doctors it was thought it might be a Bakers Cyst. So after a few days rest I did Blencathra Fell Race and it felt no no worse or no better so I have carried on through the season running with it, sometimes running made it less sore.
This week I finally got to see an nhs physio who says it is definitely not a Bakers Cyst but more likely to Hamstring Tendenitis . They recommend that I take things easy for a few weeks to give it a chance to recover and also do some stretching . I have to go back next week but before I do I will visit Ray Pescod.(local physio) and see what he thinks.
What makes this decision even harder for me is that I feel  like I can go out and do a 30 mile fell run now, no bother, but I have got to look at the bigger picture and that for me is having a go at the Bob Graham Round next year and to do that I want to feel and be as fit as posible to give myself a chance.
I hope to start running again by December and I have got some long runs planned already, my head is full of them at the moment but I will keep them quite for now in case I set myself up for a fall.
To be fair tho fell running this year has taken up a lot of time and over the months Susan has been making a list of jobs for me to do around the house , so I will clear these , and hopefully after a month of me, she will be pushing me out of the door again!
Yesterday was a hard day as we went to Ambleside and I couldn't help but look up towards the fells and wishing I was up there running. All wasn't wasted tho, Susan got me a a pair of 330s (belated birthday gift) and in return I took her to asda today!!!

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Irk said...

Ray will fix you! You'll be back out there soon enough.