Sunday 18 October 2009

Leg 1 (again)

Wasn't quite with it today. This was the first time in months that I didn't enjoy running.
I set of from Spoony Lane at 8 o clock this morning, ran all the way up the side of Latrigg , only to realise I had left my water back  in the car (thought my pack was light), so after running back down , started again, nothing like a blast up Latrigg to warm you up tho!
Trudged up Skiddaw in 66 Min's and when I got to the fence took  a  Bearing for any future recces I might do  in the dark. Reached Calva in 39 Min's and then followed the fence all the way down. When I got to the Caldew I took another Bearing and crossed it. The slogg up to Blencathra summit which was reached in 60 Min's. Came down Halls Fell in 29 Min's but the conditions were horrible and then ran the 4 miles along the railway track back to Keswick. 3 Hours 14 Min's for the leg.
Noticed that most of the fence posts have been moved at the start of the climb of Gt Calva. The only 3 left  are on the straight path up when your out of the heather, and they had the reflector tape taken off them.
This was my first run since Wednesday and it felt awful, almost like a chore. Its still 6 months till I attempt the Bob Graham and  innitially I was going to knock all other racing on the head, in order to train up for this, but after today I think I will still do the odd race, just to break it up a bit.
Perhaps today was just one of them days where you ask yourself if its worth it.


Steve said...

These are the days Iain will tell you all about. Days when you wonder if you will ever manage the round and if it's really worth it anyway? He will also most likely tell you that without the bad days you will not have the mental strength to go forward and know you can achieve your dream. Probably.

Clive King said...

Stuart, we seem to share the same goal and timescale. If you fancy sharing some training/pacers/logistics or even just to make sure we don't start the same time. Drop me a mail clive dot king at Sun dot com.

I did leg 4 on Sunday, weather not nice:-)

Irk said...

Stuart, it's worth it!

Donkarlo said...

Hi Stuart,

Good to see that you are getting into the training, you definitely do get the bad days, but all you have to think is that it makes the good days all the more fun beacuse you have that training behind you. Don't forget to give me a shout for support or if you want to do some training runs. Karl

Anonymous said...

Hi Stuart

Good luck with the training - remember you ran your first night leg on 28th June 2008 pacing me. Obviously you were inspired!

Margaret Mackenzie

Unknown said...

Stu, the car is ready (once I have passed my test!), Patch is ready to lick your blistered feet better, I think I can stay awake for 24 hours, Lou will be willing you on (remember Causey Pike?) but for gods sake you could do Leg One blindfolded so move on :-)


Stu Stod said...

Thanks for that.

Looking forward to having a recce with you.

Your latest post in your blog says it all. Brilliant.

Your on! Descending lessons off Fairfield again! Multi grain bars on me!

Fantastic to hear from you! Inspired I was!
I was also bloody Knackered!

Is that a challenge?

Unknown said...

Stu, If I pass my test then yeah but if I dont then I may let you off! Leg 3 is a fantastic WALK by the way!!!!!!