Thursday 8 October 2009

Wednesday Club Night

Well I couldn't put it off any longer, with the dark nights closing in it was time to return to the club. In Spring some of the fell runners stop going to club sessions, instead preferring to run on the fells, which I have done since April.
A quick look on the club website revealed it was time trial night, a lung busting 1,75 mile road run where you set off  in twos and threes at 30 second intervals, a real shock to the system after plodding along all summer.
I was surprised at how many new members had joined since I was last there, what can only be good news for the club. It was also good to catch up too with people I hadn't seen in a while.
I was in the first group with Alex and Alan who had recently just ran the GNR in 1.19.and 1.25 respectively.
Before long we were off with Alex taking an early lead followed by me and Alan. Alex not sure on the course went on the road for a bit , whilst me and Alan sneaked up on the path for the first corner. After about 400 meters I was in the lead when Alex came by (at first I thought he was on a bike he was going that fast) and just carried on pulling away. About half way round there is a downhill section where I thought I would be able to recover a bit ready for the last up hill section to the finish, no such luck, all I could hear was Alan's foot steps getting closer to me so I had to keep pushing on.
I kept wanting to look behind me to see how close he was , but thought this might have given him a sign as just how knackered I was, but I suspect he knew how tired I was by the grunting noises I was making! I managed to cross the line 6 seconds before Alan and 21 seconds behind Alex.
Winter training back with a bang! oh and if Alan had been bothered to take his jacket off he probably would off beaten me by at least 6 seconds.
Roll on Spring!
On Monday night I intended to run a steady 10 mile on the road but felt rubbish and cut it short to 6.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Stu said...

"On Monday night I intended to run a steady 10 mile on the road but felt rubbish and cut it short to 6."

Me said...

Yeah, me too, so I cut it short to zero !!!

1.75 sprint ! What happened to the long slow runs you were talking about ? Or are you thinking of going for Mr B's record ?