Sunday 8 February 2015


With December and January been and gone I thought I would post an update of my training/progress/ego.

Finished the Cumbria XC league feeling much better then I did at the start. A demotion to the middle group was very just. It meant that I had a 3 minute start on the fast lads - I needed them too - and I think it actually helped me race a bit quicker.
Enjoyed the Penrith XC the most. I managed to beat Alex Davies for the first time EVER at cross country. I used some underhand tactics though. Normally I race flat out from the start but on this occasion I tucked in behind Alex for 2 of the 4 laps. On lap 3 I pushed on ahead and to my utter amazement/joy he didn't give chase........ Phew...!!

Alex is also training hard for the London Marathon and is a seasoned sub 3 marathoner. Im keeping tabs on his training via Strava and when he ups his long runs I try to up mine the following week.
I would love to cross the line with him in sight but to do this I need a bit  LOT of luck.

December seen me hit by a Flu virus that knocked the stuffing out of me and I never really got over it till late January. I tried to carry on training through it but in the end I was forced to take a week off and and it took a lot out of me. I still got a very sore abdominal with all the coughing and I can still feel pain on my longer runs. This stems from my operation 2 years ago.

I purchased a marathon training book with a schedule to follow. I followed it for 9 days before I jacked it in. I've never followed a plan before and I was feeling a bit pressured by it. Instead I will carry on what I've done for the last few years. Fast lunch runs with long run at the weekend. I will start to add the odd slow evening run and a midweek long run too.

On Saturday I had a rare run up Arthurs Pike - very very enjoyable. No clock watching. No mile splits. No fell shoes though made it interesting in the snow and ice.

Hotel booked and train tickets purchased. Its not cheap this road running lark.

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Phil Smith said...

Hi I'd be interested to see how your recovery from the groin surgery has went.
I just had my Gilmores yesterday with the same surgeon and hope to get back to running sooner rather than later.
Thanks for the info