Friday 24 June 2011

Its been 6 weeks now....

...of injury free running.

During that time I have raced in 3 fell races and supported 3 BGR attempts, but its what I have been doing in between them that im going to blab, bore you about.

Last year was a super year for me, as well has it being my BG year it was also a very satisfying time for me in the autumn where I got some new PBs on the roads, my sub 1 hour ten mile meant as much to me as my bob graham round. So its with this frame of mind that for the last few weeks I have been doing speed reps (on grass) with the local tri club and adding at least 2 road runs to my weekly training, one at 6 mile and another at 12.5 mile, both run hard and always against the clock.
The other 2 runs I do to complete my 5 day training plan are done on the fells, and again I run these hard..... most of the time I have to to keep up with either of the 2 Steve's or Sam.
My climbing on the fells over the last 6 weeks is averaging just over 7000ft and my weekly mileage is between 40 - 50 miles.

I don't follow any training plans, I don't think I would understand them, I just run... a bit forest like maybe but I don't know owt else.
I get little tips now and then of Steve Angus, but sometimes I think he enjoys taking the mick.
I also find my speed really improves over the winter months when I return to the club for some tough sessions, mostly hill reps

The one problem I do have is that the local tri club do their sessions on a Monday evening, which means im usually knackered after the weekend, Tuesday would be better for me James/Alan...

So, I guess what im blabbing on about is that my training is focusing on the Autumn for some road races, but also trying to keep my eye in on the fells, which I do enjoy much, much, more. (im also hoping the speed work will benefit me on the Snowdon fell race race next month)

Had a very good, enjoyable morning on the fells today, covering 21.5 miles and climbing over 7000ft .
After parking at Seathwaite farm, we ran over to Wasdale via Styhead tarn and then ran along the road the full length of the lake and climbed up Seatallen , Scoat fell, Pillar and Gt Gable before dropping back down to the tarn and farm. The more aware will notice its half of the Wasdale fell race route, which Sam is running and im thinking about.  We had a special guest joining us today in Keswick AC runner Craig Smith (he knew the route up and off Seatallen).
Still smiling after 17miles.
One final note of mention is that Stevie B is helping on a BGR attempt tonight.
Maybe , just maybe he is beginning to think about doing it himself ..... nothing would give me greater pleasure then seeing my good friend succeed..... and seeing his gurning face from Wasdale onwards!!!!


Reeds Runners said...

I don't know, one with hand on hip and two with folded arms!

You're giving fell runners a bad name!

ultra collie said...

its a simple thing running. to run faster you've simply got to run faster.

Dale Jamieson said...

Hi Stu, I love following your exploits as it keeps me close to the hills where I love to be.

I'm amazed that your mate, Stevie B hasn't done the BGR yet. I'm assuming you perceive him to be a little bit more talented than you?

Point him in the direction of my blog. If that doesn't persuade him (or any other much more talented runners than me) to do it very soon then I'm stumped!

take care