Sunday 3 July 2011

Lazy Bones

Had a very lazy week- no where near my 40-50 miles or 7-10000 ft.

Just been one of them weeks where I have either been tired or not had time to fit a run in, mainly though I have been feeling washed out so made the most of it and drank and ate well !!!

Monday I made the pilgrimage to the speed sessions where we ran 8 x 200m flat out.... rock hard!!! went home a broken man.

Tuesday I did nowt knowing that I was running with the 2 Steve's the next night.

2 Steve's running along the corridor route

Wednesday we all met up at Seathwaite Farm and ran up to Styhead Tarn, Esk Hause and up to Scafell Pike. The top was in cloud and made our way back down the corridor Route, but not before missing the turn off point by a good 500m, and having to climb back up again. We should off followed Scamp (Stveie As dog) as he was on the right path till I shouted him back!! Luckily for me the 2 Steve's weren't up for fast running this week.
Scamp sniffs his way out of Piers Gil

Thursday, Friday, Saturday......... Nowt.

Today, Sunday I left the with intentions of running up Blencathra, but on the way out I noticed Great Mell Fell looking lonely, so  I parked up and ran up it. Once on top I noticed Little Mell and made my way to it.
They might be small fells but they provided me with a good hard run...... and a change is as good as a rest.
Ullswater from Little Mell
Seldom seen Golden Eagle.... on Gt Mell of all places

Last week I entered Wasdale, but after having a quick look at the entry list my names not on and my cheques not been cashed yet...... fingers crossed......that im not !!!!

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Dale Jamieson said...

great post, Stu. You'll make them city dwellers jealous with all them good photos!