Monday 13 June 2011

Nick's BGR

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of supporting Nick Ray, a Ellenboro runner, on his Bob Graham Round.

On a glorious evening we left the moot hall at 7pm and I have got to say it was one of the easiest rounds that I have ever assisted on.

Nick's a great mountain man and he knows the route inside out and as a result the supporters had very little to do, apart from give him food and drink and enjoy the banter.

It felt so easy that I could take a different line of Calva and meet up with him again on Mungrisedale Common.

Nick Completed leg 1 in what felt like a very easy 3hrs 15 mins. I think the reason it felt so easy was because he was/ is so laid back and relaxed. Nick opted for the Halls Fell descent, which he did comfortably in 20 minutes. Why are people so obsessed about the parachute drop when you can get down Halls Fell or Doddick in 20 minutes.... and not trash your legs in doing so??

Nick completed the round in 21hrs and 38 mins and looked really fresh in the Dog and Gun afterwards.
Well done Nick.
checking the watch
nick powers up Skiddaw
no clag or wind, just great views
calva or bust

Ronald McDonald in the middle

Scamp wants to carry on

as with all BGRs, you cant do it alone

More photos here

ans some proper good one here by Steve Angus


Richard Airlie-Gilbert said...

Nice one, looks like fun. And I agree with you re parachute. Unless you're after a Mark Palmer-type time, take the easy options and you'll still get round sub-24.

gavp said...

Excellent time and day out, so chuffed for him, he is a great friend.