Thursday 14 April 2011

Loughrigg Fell Race

4 mile / 1000ft

First race since the Pennine Relays in January.

I found it tougher then the previous 2 years especially the climb. Deliberately started slower then I normally would, in the hope that I would remain stronger, failed miserably.

After the steep road section I got myself in a good group of 4 or 5 other runners, but as soon as we got on the fell proper they all dropped me and I found myself running alone, but was aware of a group not too far behind me, who would of got a good view of me going head first into a bog!

Finally got to the summit and within 10 seconds club mate Steve Bennett came flying past me. This proved to be a blessing for me because  we often train together and if any motivation was needed for a good second half, this was it. 
Managed to keep him in sight until the lower fell section and then nipped ahead, both of us gaining places on the descent. Once back in the park Steve threw a sprint at me, but I just managed to hold on crossing the line 1 second ahead of him, oh I forgot to mention he rolled his ankle too, but hey ho!

Tough race as always. Delicious flapjack .Need to try and build my speed up.

A reet good night running again.

Stuart Bond of dark peak won and I think Lizzie Adams for the ladies.


Ian Davies said...

Great to hear you're back racing again Stu.

The speed will come, just give it time.

Howard said...

I second Ian - excellent to see you are able to race and run again!