Sunday 17 April 2011

Coledale Horseshoe

9 mile 3000ft

I hoped a few weeks ago that I would be fit for this race and for the last few weeks I have enjoyed running on these fells in a bid to try and build my fitness back up, during which I had picked  a couple of racing lines out,  which I totally ignored come race day and both cost me places. Why is it even if you know the people your following are going the wrong way, you feel its your duty to follow them.

The race this year set off from Braithwaite Lodge farm and after a short uphill run from the field to the road we soon found ourselves on the long, long climb of Grisedale Pike. I never lost too many places on the climb, and was in good company with Jackie Winn and John Beetham.
We all topped out together and then it was a fast run to Eel Crag, which involved a scramble. I lost sight of Jackie at this point.

Eel Grag summit reached and I followed some runners over some rough ground, even so I know its was faster on the right hand side, lost another 2 places.

I found myself back with John Beetham on the contour round Sail, where I managed to sneak past him and made a small gap on the run to Barrow, where I decided to go on the higher path and John stayed low.

John made the better decision and got to the small climb of Barrow 50 yards ahead of me, at which point I was beginning to struggle but dug in to try and keep John in my sights.

Once on the last checkpoint John decided to stay on the ridge and I came off and made a bee line through the bracken for  the farm gate. We both hit the gate at the same time and for the second time in 4 days it was sprint to the finish line, where I just held on.

The great thing about racing is it does not matter if your top runner, mid packer or a plodder, we all have our own races and people we try to beat.

A good turn out and a good quality field.

Ian Holmes won. Not sure on first lady.

Some photos on my flickr


Anonymous said...

Hi Stu,
Good to get down to the Lakes over the weekend and catch up with you although wasn't likely to catch you in the race, didn't look too much wrong with tour fitness from my distant view. Tried texting the number you left and got a reply saying wrong number, so here's my mobile no. for you to try 07804648287.

Nick said...

"The great thing about racing is it does not matter if your top runner, mid packer or a plodder, we all have our own races and people we try to beat."
That is so true and well said, Stu.

Great pictures, but how possible if you raced?

Stu Stod said...

A mates girlfriend took the photos Nick, you could probably tell there better then usual.

Howard said...

So you didn't run back and forth with your camera on timer then that explains it! Once againexcellent to see you running again and hope to be in a race with you again soon.