Sunday 10 April 2011

Looking up

Three reasons why its been a good week;

1, Leg has not bothered me as much this week
2, Ran over 50 miles
3, put in over 15,000ft of ascent (most of it ran)

But, (there's always a but) the speed is going to take some finding.

My longest run was 22 miles, 4200ft, a run I did a good few times last year and which I could do comfortably. Not so this week, the last 4 miles I was really struggling, but I wanted to see how far away I am from attempting the 3 peaks fell race. I will run it again next Sunday and decide then if I can blag it round.

My shortest runs were running up Blencathra 5mile 2200ft from Scales, which I did on 2 occasions.

I also ran the Coledale Horseshoe 9 mile 300ft twice, once with Carl Bell who after we finished it he went on to run in the Grisedale Grind fell race and finished a very creditable 8th. I thought better of it and decided to take photos instead.

Race winner Martin Barron-Mikkelson
Carl Bell ( I was sat laughing at this point)
Runner up Phil Winskill

Club mate Robin G
So fingers crossed for another pain free week. This week I will take it easier till the weekend.

Good luck to all who are running the London Marathon next weekend.


ultra collie said...

good to hear you're on t'mend but dont overforce your speed..i learned the hard way

Howard said...

Sounds like things are on the up - don't worry about speed yet get thet endurance and strength back first - something you look to being well on the way to. And Carl still beat me on the decent