Monday 6 December 2010

3 Races In A Week - All Cancelled

On this blog this time last year I wrote  - 3 Races In A Week - in which I did the Cumbria XC , New Streets road race and the Hexham Hobble. I was hoping to write the same title again this year, but the snow and frost caused all 3 to be cancelled.

Still managed to get some good miles in though which included 3 town runs during the week,and one really enjoyable fell run of 17 miles on Sunday.

The first town run was about 7 miles in the snow, which made me a good moving target for some kids (2 near misses and 1 direct hit) throwing snowballs. It felt like running on the fells to be honest with the snow making the pavements all bumpy and uneven.

The 2nd town run involved about 5 of us who turned at the club but didn't fancy the speed reps that Alan had planned, so we had a run around town which included a run up to the BEACON.
Quite magical in the dark with the snow on the ground giving us enough light to find our way without torches. The sky was full of stars and Steve B tried his best to show us all his knowledge of the galaxy, which amounted to " I think that's the plough"!

The following night I again ran up to the beacon but added a couple of extra road miles in too making it 9 miles at a good steady pace.

Saturday I spent the afternoon fighting my way around Carlisle Xmas shopping, with the deal being I was free to go for a run on Sunday.

Parked my car at Pooley and ran up to Roehead and continued on the path that runs slightly above Ullswater to Howtown.
I continued up to the church and made my way along to Boardale Hause which was still all runnable until the last 5 minutes where the snow was too deep. I have never had reason to run up here before, always preferring the Hight Street range or the BG route, but this was about to get quite breath taking with clear blue sky's and snow clad hills.
Once on Boardale Hause my plan was to retrace my steps put with being well up on time and the views too good I carried on to Place Fell, a top that I have never visited.
2 walkers making their way up Place Fell

Looking towards Helvellyn and Fairfield

Brothers Water and Red Screes
The summit with fantastic views

Looking back to Penrith under the fog.

On my down I disturbed a herd of Deer where at first I thought there was about 10, but it turned out there was over 20.
Click on image to make bigger.
I got back to my car in 3 and a half hours, not bad going with the snow and views that I took in, but today my "bg groin" has flared up again. Hope a couple of days rest will ease it.
More photos can be found on MY FLICKR


Steve said...

Magical winter wonderland - i'm jealous

ultra collie said...

spectacular stu (maybe a nickname there for you)..i saw that herd (presume the same) when up there a few weeks ago..tough going in the deep snow..i did dalemain to mardale head two years ago in knee deep took a while!

Anonymous said...

There cant be much running gets done when theres this many photos