Thursday, 4 November 2010

Having A Moan

The day after doing military service for the RAF I punished my self more with a tough and hilly 9 mile run, it was the least I deserved. 

Following a family weekend away where the most tiring thing I did was splash about in the hotel pool, I again did the same tough and hilly 9mile run which was followed the next day by some 1 mile reps.....
I hate reps of any sort.

Surely I had punished myself enough, well it appeared not as the next night I found my self doing hill reps with Eden runners.

It was after doing them and I was running back home that a thought came into my head "WHY ?".

For the past 2 years I have slowly improved by...... running.
Nothing more than that, running, uphill down hill,sometimes pushing myself, sometimes not, but nothing compared to what I have been doing these last few weeks.

I never used to wear a watch but now its the first thing I look for before a run.
Now I find myself timing a recovery run!!!
I think im in danger of taking something I really enjoy  too serious.
Yes I want to get faster but do I want to do it to a watch?

In the Cumbrian run this year I was looking at my watch every mile.

Last year I used to run on feel, if I got tired, slow down.

For the last 2 years my speed session has been to try and do as many races as possible

I'm doing the Derwent water 10 this weekend where 2 years ago I ran 64mins 24 secs.
It will be interesting to see if any improvements have been made.

I think im just a lazy trainer but on a more positive note Stevie A is back jogging and Stevie B is wanting to jog more then run at the moment.

Derek, me and anth all set for the off
Getting congratulated by George.

 No recent photo action so threw these ones in . Before and after.


ultra collie said...

i know exactly how you feel (though i didnt realise you are a bgr'er..i kneel in your shadow)
when i started ultras i loved each and every minute. the next year i missed the reason why i was doing them (for enjoyment etc) and everything became time obsessed (not that im in any way quick mind). id stand on the line of a 53 mile race glarring at my gps ready to push start! then check every bleeding mile! it was a disaster and i lost the love.
like you though i realized what was happening and now my watch is there for the end of a run just to tell me the distance ran. and ive found the love once again
good luck, youre clearly more able/faster than me so maybe your dialemna is less straightforward than mine..but a watch cant make us run faster either way!

4 Winds said...

I could be better, stronger, faster but I don't have a watch and am too lazy :-) Def couldn't be @rsed doing reps!