Wednesday 27 October 2010

Slight Nav Issues

All smiles at the start

Along with Lieutenant Commander Watson or Charlie from the post office as we prefer know him, we made our way to RAF Spadeadam for the Border Riever Half Marathon, a undulating course that is ran on road and forest track.

About 100 folk had turned up and a good few RAF personal.

The race sets of out of the base and follows the road for 2 or 3 miles and than mostly good forest tracks. I quickly found myself in 2nd position with the first guy about 30 secs ahead and the 3rd place a good bit back.
It stayed like this for about 9 miles until I missed a turn and carried on for about 2 miles on my own until the Military Police pulled up and said that I had gone off Course.

After a bit of cursing at myself I ran on to the finish and disqualified myself.

The 3rd placed guy was well made up when he crossed the line and got told he was 2nd tho!!!!

In my defence for going off course tho, they was a lot off missiles and rocket launchers to be looking at!

Charlie had no such nav issues and ran well.

I fear Steve B is going to have laughing fit when he hears about this....

... I think I will go into hiding for a week or two.
Charlie finishing

 Thanks to Paul Dobson  (Dobo) for the photos......See you next year.... with my compass!!!!


Steve said...

Never mind Stu - that was probably the furthest you have ever travelled fray Peerith so no wonder you were confused and disorientated

Reeds Runners said...

I've just got off the phone to Norris McWhirter, and after he did some research and rang brother Ross, he agreed that this is the first time anyone's been arrested whilst running a half or full marathon!!!

He passes on his congratulations and says pour yourself a Guinness to celebrate. You'll be on page 267 of the next edition, due out for the Xmas sales.

Pure Genius, as they used to say...

dobo said...

GOT SOME GOOD PHOTOS OF you in THIS RACE, not sure if you will want to share them this time,a bet yur garn for it next year.

Alan M said...

Stu. I wouldn't recommend going into hiding. You might not be able to find your way back out again. Good effort tho Stu, just think of it as a reccy for next year.

See you at hill reps next Wed. I can give you a knock on the way past if you're not sure of the route.


Anonymous said...

Only you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!