Monday 11 October 2010

Planning Winter

Struggling to get the miles in I did before the BG, from Xmas to May I tried to do 50-70 miles per week with most of them done on the fell. Since May I have been doing about 35 - 40, but its harder when you haven't got a particular event to aim for.

With the dark nights coming in it will be back to the club on a Wednesday night and for some of Alan's tortuous speed/endurance runs....... I wonder if I could persuade Steve to do more night running on the fells?
The cross country season starts this weekend so I will try and do as many as possible over the winter.
Not many fell races left for me this year, maybe 2 or 3, so I will try and improve my speed and hill climbing over the next few months. The speed thing I will find hardest to improve as I hate doing reps of any sort ( too lazy and its hard work) but it would be nice to improve my 10 mile time, currently 63 mins set 2 years ago, but I wont hold my breath.

Last week on Monday I ran a steady 7 miles on the roads around Penrith in 49 minutes and it felt comfortable, which was nice considering it was the day after the Ian Hodgson.
On Wednesday, along with Steve and Sam we ran up Blencathra and over Bannerdale crags, well I tried to run it all but I was finding it tough with the pace Sam was setting and walked up some parts. It was on this run that Steve and Sam were talking about the amount of bike miles they are doing and it seems to be helping them on the hills....... I hate biking but will try and do a few more miles this winter.
On Friday I parked my car at Pooley Bridge and ran up to Arthur's pike and back. Took it easy and enjoyed it, running at an easy pace over the fells, you cant beat it.
Saturday morning I put the bike to the test and did 15 miles (its a long way for me!) in just under the hour but didn't enjoy it all, too bloody dangerous. I texted a mate and asked him if spinning classes would have the same effect - his response was that it was more for lasses..... spinning it is then!
Sunday I did the Great Cumbrian Run, a half marathon around the edges of Carlisle. This is all part of my plan to try and improve my speed by doing races instead of reps and things.

Very pleased with my time of 1 hr 21 mins 59secs. and to be honest I don't think I could get any quicker without putting in all training sessions that road runners do.
Roll on Spring.
Cumbrian Run - Photo taken by David Harrison


Alan M said...

Very well done young Stuart with your 1:21:59 - you should fly round the time trial route on Wednesday (you are coming, aren't you??;-)).

See you soon

Stu Stod said...

Covering night shift this week Alan, honest!!!
But I will do the time trial during the day......
In my car!!!

See you next week.

Steve said...

good race time.
good photo too

kate said...

try going out really early or really late, roads are much quieter. have you got any plans for next year, a paddy buckley maybe?

Stu Stod said...

Howdy kate
Looking at doing all the Lakeland Classics next year and perhaps the lakeland 50.
I was toying with the idea of a winter BG too but think I will give it a miss now.
The biking lark is hard work init!!