Thursday 2 September 2010

Chocs Away

anyone got a bazooka
Back from Turkey, where 2 weeks seemed to have flown by. Had a good relaxing time and managed to run about 4 miles every morning -  even at 7am it was too hot to put much effort in.
Only bad part was the local mosque playing loud wailing music about 4am on the odd morning. Had a good view of the Taurus mountains but never went near them - Susan would of left me!!!
from dalehead-great view
As always my diet improves 100% when im on holiday - the sunnier climate makes me eat bucket loads of fruit and less junk. At home im always pigging out on on snacks like crisps and chocolate but that urge goes when im on holiday. Well almost goes, on the tenth day I took myself to the shop next door for M and Ms, but couldn't find any, so got a big bar of chocolate instead, realised it was too warm to eat so put it in the mini bar fridge too eat the next day. I come off the beach the next day to find my 2 offspring's wiping chocolate of their chops! I have never been so disappointed in Max since the time he was 7 and thought he was Dearth Vader and took all our fine china ornaments of our fire place in one fell swoop with his light sabre!!

On the running front I ran up loadpot from Pooley Bridge on Monday in a quick time and felt good.
Tuesday I ran on the roads for about six miles steady but felt crap.
Wednesday along with Steve B we ran up from Pooley Bridge to Arthur's Pike and it was a result of this run that has made me realise to not do the Grisedale Horseshoe this Saturday. Too much climbing for me and I would off preferred to of recced it, having not done it for 2 years now.

I'm a bit lost on my running plans at the moment, I want to get quicker and that means running faster and harder on the roads/flat, but at the same time I want to run on the fells. As a result I haven't entered Langdale Marathon - 3 weeks away and I don't think I could drag my arse around for 26 miles.

took this when I was reccying my BG earlier this yeart
So, I need something to aim for, thinking cap on.....

Its the same with my Blog, if I aint got any plans with regards to runs so I find it hard to motivate myself to write, so expect some long silences.
finishing loch ness 2 years ago


Steve said...

hey them Taurus mountains look a bit like Skiddaw does from the South

4 Winds said...

What about the Lakeland 100? Will be getting my application in for the 50 this weekend. Yikes.

Stu Stod said...

Howdy 4 Winds
I was on the local fells this year when the masses of the 50 had not long set off.
I am seriously thinking off doing this myself next year too!