Monday 27 September 2010

Next Time Clive

Its been a odd week.

After Dalehead last weekend the bad cough and cold really kicked in which meant no running at all until Thursday, where rather foolishly I agreed to reccy leg 2 of Ian Hodgson Relay with Steve Bennett and Carl Bell.
I got a little past the first checkpoint and had to call a stop.
I could hardly breath and had absolutely no chance of carrying on so like a "reet sorry arse" walked of the mountain and got into Steve's car and drove it to hartsop to wait for them to complete the leg.
Rather then wait in the car I had a very very slow jog up to Hayswater to wait for them. It was getting quite dark and with it being an awful night I was getting a little nervous for them, they should of been back ages ago. I started to think that they maybe came off another way when I noticed 2 sodden wet runners coming out off the clag, I should of known........ Steve had got slightly lost!

On Friday night I had planned to go and wait for Clive King  on Gt Calva, who was attempting his BGR but decided against it (he wasn't expecting me but I thought it would be funny to jump out on him) as I was still feeling unwell.

On Saturday I was always going to watch a workmate do the Langdale half, and due to another workmate pulling out I had his number and a free place, the only question was could I last the distance without having a coughing fit.I decided I would try but would also walk if things felt bad.
Very pleased to say that things went OK and I finished in 14th in a time of 1.28.

Better still Haz did a brilliant PB and looked really fresh at the end, I think he could easily knock 15 mins off his time too if it was a flat course and he quit smoking!!!!
Haz looking for a cigarette

Happy Haz with me.

On Sunday I got a Phone call off Clive saying that he dropped out at Wasdale, a real shame but, I have no doubt at all that come October next year that he will be at Shap Wells collecting his certificate for the Bob Graham club.
Clive on leg 1 in February

Again Cumbria's premier photographer was at Langdale taking snaps, which can also be found on my links on the right. One problem tho, is that he seems to be enjoying it too much...... will he have the stomach to train and compete again when he is over his mental illness???

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