Saturday 14 August 2010

Dont Come Near Me Mark Renshaw

The Sunday after Borrowdale I took myself up Arthur's Pike, parking at Pooley Bridge, running a steady 7 mile.

On Monday I biked out (and up) to Matindale church, Howtown. To most folk this would be no big feat at all, but this was my biggest bike ride to date, yep 22 miles in 1 and 1/2 hours and I thought I was going to pass out cycling up the small pass......... My plan is to try and bike up kirkstone pass before winter, but one bike ride a week is enough for me just now, it takes up too much time and its too hard!!!
Plus I tend to wobble all over the road when it gets too steep!!!!

Tuesday I met up with Steve B and again ran up to Arthur's Pike, at a pace that I could just about keep up, felt harder then normal.

Wednesday was Reeds Fell runners debut on the bigger stuff. Along with Haz and Rod, we ran the Blencathra fell race route in a little over 2 hours, a good effort in what was awful conditions (hailstones, clag and finally sunshine). Haz has got the fell running bug and I think he might even do Blencathra next year..... hopefully.

Race to the top

Are we there yet
Interesting descent ahead with them shoes Rod

Too easy for these fell monkeys

Thursday I was changed to go up the fell again but changed my mind the last minute. I'm meant to be doing Langdale Marathon in 6 weeks and I haven't done much road running at all, let alone speed work, so I did 9 miles around the streets of Penrith which included a few steep road hills. It actually felt quite good, but im a long way off trying to blag my way round 26 miles of torture.

Today (Saturday)I ran 13 hard road miles in a little over 84 mins, quite pleasing really, and it was also very undulating, whether I could of carried on for another 13 miles tho is questionable. 

Tomorrow we fly out to Turkey for a 2 week beach holiday, so I will throw in my road shoes and try and do a few miles the odd morning. Looking forward to lazing about the beach....... Its been a tough year... so far.

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