Monday 2 August 2010

Legs Returning........At Last

Had a very enjoyable day last Sunday, where me and Steve Bennett joined up with Steve Angus and some of his mates for a run round leg 1 of the Bob Graham. We ran it anti clockwise, the first time I had done it this way, and hopefully the last. After saying that tho, we ran it in just over 3 hours and that was with a few stops.
I was concerned, that with the company I was in that I would struggle to keep pace, but in hindsight this run is exactly what I needed, pushing hard on the ups and fast descending gave me back some of my pre Bob Graham confidence and better still the groin wasn't to troublesome but the hip is still tender.
After the run we had a pint where I was amazed at some of the tales that were been told regarding training and other peoples exploits. Here are some of the following;

"I trained every day for a full year without a day off"

"I use to do 7000 miles on the bike every year"

"so and so used to bike 40 miles every night......... and eat only a bread roll...... without butter on"

and my favourite..

"so and so fathered a child...... at 50 years old"

I did think about telling them about the time I completed Tomb Raider 1 without any cheats, but thought better of it.

                                     Steve running up Halls Fell

The following night I parked my car at the foot of Scales fell and ran up Blencathra again. The day before one of Steve's mates had dropped a gillet somewhere on the top so I thought I would go and have a look for it but the clag was even worse the the day before and had little chance of seeing my feet let alone a lost top. Still it was good effort.
                                          Wannabe David Bailey


On Thursday I went to Ambleside Sports to do the Rydal Round Fell Race, the course follows the Fairfield Horseshoe race route apart from the start is slightly different (more brutal in my opinion).
This was to be my first fell race since the 3 Peaks back in April and I thought it would be quite low key, but a good few people I knew well were amassed on the start line, so it was going to be a race rather then a stroll on the fells for me.
The Start was fast and Steve Angus led the field out off the show field and along the track up to Nab Scar. This was to be the last I saw of Steve until the finish line.
I quickly settled and got into my stride but found myself running alone until Craig Smith caught me up along with 1st lady Jane Reddy and club mate Sam Ware. This proved to very good for me as it gave me encouragement to keep moving well. We kept swapping places up to the summit of Fairfield where Sam had pulled out a slight gap on us but by the time we contoured around Hart Crag we were all together again.
I had decided to keep on Craigs shoulder as he seemed to know the route quite well. Eventually Craig and myself pulled away from the others and began to put a  gap between us.
With less then Half a mile to go I pulled away from Craig and another runner who had caught us up. If the course was any steeper tho it would off suited craig more then me and he would off  romped home to the finish line ahead off me.
My time was 1hr 35mins and any other year that would of been good enough for a top ten but this year it meant 18th. A very enjoyable race and it reminded me what I have been missing.
                                 Club mate Sam Ware at the finish.

                                            A fantastic setting
                                           A proper sports day

I have entered Borrowdale on Saturday but not 100% sure im doing it yet, as its a different monster altogether and it might be a tad too steep for my still sore hips.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Angus who tied the knot on Saturday.......after 18years!!!

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