Monday 7 December 2009

Three Races In Five Days

Its been over 2 weeks since my last post and things have been going okish.
A few hilly road runs during the week and a 13.5 fell run at the weekend.
I am wanting to get up on to the fells at night time but all this wet weather is putting me off at the moment, the road miles are helping me get me some speed back, which I  maybe lost this year, so the road miles are ok at the moment. With the Christmas holidays coming up soon, hopefully I will get some long fell runs in then. Cant wait!
I am still seeing  the physio and with all the stretching and strengthening I am doing my knee seems to be improving, but I still cant fully squat down on it yet.
Last Wednesday night was the New Streets Challenge, a race around the steep hills of Penrith put on by Eden Runners. At only 4 miles long its hard /fast running all the way (apart from the 3 steep climbs).
It defiantly felt a lot harder then last year, but last year I had done a lot more short races including the cross country series. It felt even tougher when Steve Bennett jogged by me quite easily on one of the hills, leaving me panting and gasping behind. Nothing new there then!
On Saturday I went to Keswick to run in the cross country.
four laps of fitz park with a little hilly section on each lap. Really enjoyed this and wished I hadn't missed the first few now, defiantly good speed training, good fun too....
On Sunday I travelled over to Allendale for the Hexhamshire Hobble fell Race, a 10.5 mile route of road and fell.After a steep road climb you found yourself on the moor which was all fast running. I got involved in a race with Keith Murray of Tieviotdale, a fell runner whom I first met this year at Askham Fell Race and met again over the course of the season, at different fell races. We swapped places 5 times, each time I over took him on a road section, which was lucky for me because the last mile was all on road where I managed to stretch a few seconds out between us.
Not really a fell race, more like a trail race, no steep ascents and the two descents are both on road, but a good race all the same.
So not a bad couple of weeks, it felt good to be involved in some races again but I realise I have to start upping my miles for the Bob Graham in May, which I plan to start at Christmas.
My support for the BG is starting to come together after roping in Derek Hurton in on Saturday (my real reason for doing the cross country). At the moment I have good solid support for the first three legs, 5 out of the 6 having completed bg's of their own.


Donkarlo said...

Sounds good mate, getting those miles in. Don't forget to count me in for support, should be back up and running by May. K

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again Stuart, good race on sunday, was surprised at the results thought we were a bit further back so we must both have had a decent run. Enjoyed reading the blog, stick in during the winter and will probably catch up with you in the spring when I'm sure you'll be raring to go.

Stu Stod said...

Nice one Karl, leg 4 for you if possible? I like that fast route you know from Gt Gable to Green Gable! Hope to your injury is improving.

Stu Stod said...

Probably see you again at Askham where no doubt you kick my arse again!