Wednesday 2 January 2013

Nine Standards Fell Race

Its been a long time since I have written a blog post about a fell race that I was involved in - 16 months to be precise!
But with a hangover and 2 weeks of slow steady training behind me I along with 165 others stood on the start line in Kirkby Stephen for the 25th Nine Standards Fell Rcae.
I figured I could manage to run/walk it after doing a low level fell run with Steve Angus 3 days previous.
I'm still experiencing pain where I had the operation but I figured as long as I didn't do owt daft and took it easy I be all right..... easier said then done!

Milling about at the start it was great to see old friends again - though some have changed. My old training mate Sam Ware has started wearing silly things on his calfs and was banging on about beetroot all the time!

On your marks....
The start was a very gentle affair - for us nearer the back - and it was a nice jog out of the town. It soon stopped being gentle when we started climbing up the road towards the fell. I've done this race a few times before and never before has the 2 mile stretch of road felt so long. Folk were coming past me steadily but I was still running.....just.
Finally the fell appeared and it would be 2 miles before we reached the top. I spotted a club mate ahead and decided I would try and keep him in sight. He was soon pulling away though so I gave up that plan and decided I would take some photos with the compact I had been carrying from the start.
Before long the leaders were streaming past and it looked like  Carl Bell had a real fight on with Morgan Donnelly.
The race is on

plenty of racing near the back too

 I decided to put the camera away and concentrate on getting to the summit - which was proving to be a slog through the wet ground but better then the foot of snow I once ran it in.
I'm ashamed to say I walked the last bit, right up to the cairns - I didn't care how many folk were stood watching- I was fooked!!
I manage to get running again and thought the downhill would cause me problems - it has in the past - but I found I was ticking along nicely and started passing the odd runner.
I spied my club mate (Jon Tombs - who has a had fantastic running year with his BGR and other long distance events) ahead and before long we were running together, pulling each other along catching a few more runners.
Before long the tarmac hit and I could feel the pain in my stomach and maybe a bit foolishly carried on pushing - I didn't want to loose all the ground we had made up on the fell - to the finish.
It felt great running with Jon and I doubt if I hadn't come across him I would of ran home a lot slower then I did.
My taxi ( Steve Angus ) was almost changed and had walked scamp by the time I finished but I didn't care..... hangover had gone!!

Carl Bell won and broke the record. Well done fella.  
Lauren Jeska won for the ladies. Well done lass.

Club mates Kim Colinson finished in 3rd and Sam Ware 5th. A good turn out from Eden Runners. Well done team Eden.

Steve Angus has a super run too finishing in the top ten - Well done ya weirdo !!

Good to be back :-)

Back to see the surgeon next week and a full weeks intensive physio. Apparently all my core muscle has gone - dont think I ever had any tbh  - Happy New Year


Derby Tup said...

Great to see you're back racing Stu!

Stu Stod said...

Thanks DT :-)

Nick said...

I second DT. Great news, Stu.