Friday 2 November 2012

A Quick Post

In less then 3 days I should of had the operation that has stopped me doing what I love doing again - Running!
This blog has died of death this last year but I'm hopeful it will spring back to life soon.Its been over 12 months since I have done a race and 16 months since I got injured.
During that time I have enjoyed taking photos and less enjoyed riding my road bike - over 3500 miles of getting seriously pissed off!!
I would like to say a big thank you to Nick Ham who sent me emails offering advice and encouragement - a true gent!
I would also like thanks Tom Paget who stumbled accross this blog and sent a couple of wonderful emails just last week. Tom has had the very same operation that I am having and has really settled my mind and given me a much needed boost.
I'm going to post some photos that I have taken this year but before I do must mention that Steve B is still falling on his arse every time he steps foot on the fells and Steve Angus will be forever known as the most ugliest bloke that has ever won Lakeland 50!
At the very bottom of this post I have added a link of some of the things I have done on my bike this year - courtesy of me old running mucker Nick Ray.

link to my bike skills below


4 Winds said...

Nice photos there, Stu. Shots of mountains make my feet tingle (or is that just me?)

A speedy recovery and all the best.


Dale Jamieson said...

hear hear

Clive King said...

best for the op and once you are recovered, lets have an other snowy day on leg one and you can run me into the ground again. Looking forward to it already :-)

Derby Tup said...

Good luck Stu!

Nick said...

Thinking of you, Stu. So relieved for you that you finally got recognition of the problem and something has got done about it. Can't wait to hear good news of you getting back out on those fells (though not too soon, mind ;-).