Tuesday 25 September 2012

Gilmore Groin

Today it was confirmed by a Dr Clark in Gateshead that  I haven't got a Gilmore Groin problem......I have TWO!!
Both sides need operating on which is going to get carried out on November 5th.

I cannot put into words the relief on my part - I will over the next few weeks blog more about this injury but after been told by 2 GP's to  pack in running and another to stop to see if it gets any better you can understand how happy I am.
I am so glad that at last I have been diagnosed with a problem that ONE doctor refused to admit that the injury existed.

Onwards & Upwards

(hopefully more running and less photos)

..also big congratulations to Keswick AC on reaching the National Road Relays at the weekend.


Dale Jamieson said...

I can imagine. this will seem like a life changing event. Really happy for you

Stu Stod said...

cheers Dale. I seem to remember you had your own injury problems a year back- all well now?

Dale Jamieson said...

Na, it's still there - meaning I can't aggresively fell run. So it's ultra's for me now sprinkled with the odd fell run when I just can't keep away ;-)

Stu Stod said...

We will have have a plod ont fells with seb and craig when I'm fixed dale.
Something to look forward to.