Sunday, 23 October 2011

FRA Relays Kettlewell

First time ever for our club (Eden Runners) in these relays.
Six of us was picked by Andy Tompson and in two cars we made the trip to Kettlewell on a glorious morning, which would make the running even better.

On leg 1 we had Jonny French who who ran fast and handed over to me and Steve Bennett in 30th position.
flying scotsman jonny
So it was on leg 2 where myself and Steve had the task of trying to keep the team from falling too far back.
We ran hard, but on the descent into the village (2 mile in, 7 to go) Steve rolled his ankle, I was behind him and seen it buckle, so it was a fantastic effort for Steve to finish at all. Im sure this knocked the stuffing out him because he really struggled after it, even on the climbs where he is so much stronger then me normally.
We got passed a few times and were disappointed to finish our leg in 1.25 and 42nd for our 9 mile leg.
me and Stevie B finishing our leg
We passed over to Kim Colinson and Sam Ware. These fellas were our Nav men and what I can gather from Sam, Kim was unstoppable. Sam had all his work cut out just to keep up with kim,, let alone to get his map out. They both ran incredibly well and finished 13th fastest on there leg and really got the team back up.
Sam and Kim setting off (doesn't look that fast Sam)
Who would want to be anchor man. Step forward Andy Tompson.
Andy had his work cut on the final leg, where a lot of teams kept their fast men. We had hoped Jonny would do this leg for us but it was decided on the morning (quite rightly too) that Andy wouldn't get lost and and Jonny most definitely would of, good call Kim. Still, Andy well a fantastic leg running 49th fastest and ensuring the team came in 27th over all.
Andy brings the team home
We would of taken that at the start of the day so happy enough. We are only a small club but the fell side is getting stronger and and stronger and with a couple more additions (preferably under 30), the club could start and push on more on the fells.

12th at the Pennine relays
15th at the Ian Hodgson relays
and 27th here is not a bad year for us.
Team Eden

Next year we are hoping to field a V40 team at these events........phew.

Not done a jot since last Saturday.

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