Sunday, 22 May 2011

BGR Season

For 2 weeks after the 3 peaks I never ran at all.

The first time I did was on Clive King's Bob Graham attempt.
Along with Steve Bennett we paced Clive on leg 1
Clive and Steve on the climb of Skiddaw

A very enjoyable 3 hours up to Blencathra until Clive dropped us both on the descent and we had to pick our way down a very unfamiliar route, where I thought I had found him again only to realise it was a pacer from another attempt, much to Steve's enjoyment.

Bad luck Clive and hopefully 3rd time lucky for you mate.

Fast forward 1 week and it was the turn of Gavin Pattinson, whom I helped navigate for on leg 2.
A early morning start got us up Clough Head in early light. On approaching Watson Dodd the clag came down heavily and stayed with us for the most of the leg, the one time it did clear was shortly after Raise, where the view of Ullswater was fantastic. A hard wind blew us up Fairfield and we reached Dunmail some 3 hrs 50 mins after setting off from Threlkeld.
Gav arrives at Dunmail

Gav gets a break in the clouds
Gav completed the round in a fantastic 21hr 40 mins. The last 6-7 hours were in horrible conditions.
Cheer up Gav
Gav and his pacers sets off up Steel Fell

The same night/day saw club mate Andy Thompson successfully complete the round in an equally impressive time of 21.25. aginn the last few hours in horrible conditions.
Andy T looking strong
A well earned rest for Andy.
It was good to meet Bob Wightman at Threlkeld whilst I was waiting for Gav to come in from leg one. His website helped me a geat deal leading up to my own attempt.

Looking forward to helping Nick Ray next in 2 weeks time.


Bill said...

I must have met you Stu I led Gavin down Halls fell and was talking with Bob after.

Gav did well, winds were very strong later on.

Howard said...

Good supporting - I'll have to come and support your support soon