Sunday 20 February 2011

Not Quite the sock drawer

Needs no caption!
Had a walk up to Ashness Bridge this morning, really just to take this photo and to stretch my legs.
Its 2 weeks now without doing any running and its flippin frustrating, so in a bid to maintain a little bit of fitness a mate has lent me his turbo trainer, (cheers Sam) where im doing 2 x 20 mins reps each night - apart from last night where wine got in the way!

Last week I went out to watch the Buttermere Round road race. The 22 mile race was won easily by Ricky Lightfoot and it was good to see Howard Seal having a great race finishing strongly in 4th. Steve Angus was not too far behind, not bad considering its the furthest he has ran since April last year - tho I like to think I could of beaten him this chance gone now though!

Some photos are on my Flickr site

Ricky Lightfoot
Howard Seal
Steve Angus

Only kidding Steve!!
So two weeks in,  (one bedroom painted) leg still sore, hoping in another two weeks it wont be tender to touch and start a little bit of light jogging, but in the mean time the turbo trainer awaits and who knows I might be as good as this dude by the end of if it....

Cheers Nick.


Steve said...

(the notion you might have beaten me)

ultra collie said...

hope it mends the meantime i'd get your mate steve to lug you around