Sunday 28 March 2010

A very very easy Saturday!

This was my last week of messing about on the High Street range of fells, as much as I love running these fells, I realise I need to get some proper hills in my legs for my fast approaching BG attempt.
I am also going to start having a more detailed look at legs 3 and 4, as they say (and I believe them) that the bob Graham does not start until Dunmail.

Im hoping that my pacers will be available to help me recce leg 3(stand up Iain Kelly and Steve (oh my legs are tired today) Angus). I have been over most of the route before in various fell races but never been to BS or Lords Rake.

Leg 4 I have sort of recced before, but plans to recce it again with Mark Nicholson and Craig Harding can be more easily made.

I am lucky to have some very good support for my attempt, all lads that I know and trust and have the upper most respect for, I hope I dont let them down.

Leg 1 and 2 I am very familiar with, but I again realise I am going to have to be cautious on the these first two legs and have again got Strong support, Derek Hurton and Anth Labrum for leg 1 and Robin Gillespie for leg 2. Dave Owen was to help out on leg 2 along with Robin but unfortunately has had to pull out. I still hope to see him somewhere on the day tho.

Leg 5 I plan to have a look at over Easter and on this leg I have no shortage of support but at the moment I have Shaun Haridsty, Andrew Murray and Steve Hartley.
I know it still 9wks off yet but it is important for me to know I have got the backbone of the attempt in place. No doubts they will be other changes before May but hopefully not to unsettling.
This week has once again been an okish  with a good run out on Wednesday night doing a recce of Askham fell race route along with Steve And Sam.

Thursday I again did 9 road miles but with the 200m hill reps thrown in on route. Im doing these to try and maintain a little bit of speed.

Saturday was a 20 odd mile fell run with Steve Angus. Steve is doing London Marathon next month is hoping to get under 2hrs 45mins (no chance!). In his youth he has managed 2hrs 34mins(very quick, any photos to prove it Steve?)
We were accompanied by his dog, Daisy, who put up a better display of hill running then her master and soon    tagged on to me, looking behind occasionally in shame!!!
OK to be fair, Steve had done 60 odd miles in his last five runs, hasn't been on the fells in months, was dressed for winter rather then spring and did not have a clue where he was, so I thank him for making me look and feel good!!!

Today (Sunday) I parked up at Threlkeld and ran up to Stybarrow and back. 1hr16 out and 59mins back.
Legs were a bit tired from yesterday but I wanted to push myself a bit and once up Clough Head (40 mins) I ran it all. 21 GT Dodd, 7 Watson Dodd and 8 Stybarrow Dodd in very windy conditions too.
With longer days now I hope to get some climbs in on week nights after work, if the weather allows it.

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