Friday 6 April 2012

Nowt New

In a vain attempt to try and keep this blog vaguely interesting and on-going, I am posting a post basically about nowt!
Still not running, tho I did attempt a couple of easy fell runs a couple of weeks ago which has resulted in much pain in my lower abdominal and groin region.
I had a ultrasound scan which proved there was no Hernia and been to see a specialist in Hexham (NHS) who is sending me for a MRI scan at the end of April.
Gilmore's Groin was mentioned and I was surprised to hear that the NHS do operate for it - they cut the nerve to stop the pain!!- but before they entertain that idea they want me to stop running and cycling for a full year, to give things a chance to heal naturally.
Im hopeful the MRI scan will show something so at least I know what is causing the pains and will help my head too - its annoying not knowing what it is and how to go about fixing it.

I have been packing my case this week for a 2 week family holiday in Mexico and it will be strange not getting up early and going out running exploring the local area first thing in the morning before the family stirs.

The cycling is not going that well neither- I don't really enjoy it that much and have averaged 100 mile per week since Xmas and with The Fred Whiiton 2 weeks after I get back from holiday Im in no way fit enough for a very long day in the saddle. Not looking forward to it at all and if Im lucky enough to get round it without mishap the bikes going into storage....forever!

So that pretty sums up the last few weeks. I have cycled out to a few fell races and took photos and have enjoyed that - I will continue doing that until the day comes I can run pain free again.
I hope you all have a good running year and I will only post again if something exciting happens or Stevie B decides on having a go at the BGR.

Now for the photo bit

The king of mountains
Skiddaw from Derwentwater
Castlerigg stone circle
one man and his dog in priest hole cave below Dove Crag
Rob Jebb leads the field at Causey Pike
with Nick Ray hot on his heels!!
from lowther church
Causey Pike
Ullswater from Pooley Bridge
scamp on Blencathra


4 Winds said...

Hi Stu,

Have a cracking time in Mexico (not the least bit jealous here at all, no way)

Mend like the wind.


AMcD said...

Like your photies, specially the priesthole one.