Monday 2 January 2012

Nine Standards Fell Race

Business as usual for Carl Bell after he demolished the field at this years Nine Standards fell race.
Eden club mate Kim Collison continued his good form with runners up spot- 5days after finishing runner up to  Rob Jebb at Wansfell.
Keswick new boy Steve Angus made a decent debut for his new club (after training ont fell all summer with Eden) finishing 7th, four places behind his club mate Russell Maddams who finished 3d.

Pippa Maddams and Lauren Jeska had a good battle up and down the fell and crossed the line together.

This is a great race and a great way to see the new year in.

More race photos on my flickr site
Winner Carl Bell

In Form Kim Collison- Runner up

Russell Maddams 3rd

Ladies Record smashed
Eden old boy Steve Angus
I'm still not running so I'm afraid this running blog is in danger of turning into a photo blog......


Priests hole cave

Scales Tarn

Mayburgh Henge
Happy new year!

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ultra collie said...

your photos are pretty bloody good mind stu :)keep snapping!
hope you're back out there soon