Thursday 22 September 2011

Why is it....

....that you only stretch when your injured ?

For the last couple of weeks I have been stretching a lot more, and touch wood, things seem to be improving.
I hardly ever stretch unless I see someone else doing it and I copy them so it looks like I know what I'm doing!

I have managed 4 good fell runs in the last 7 days and even so I can still feel a bit of tightness all down my left leg, I feel im picking up a bit more speed.

It was a big test last night when I joined up with mates Stevie B , Sam Ware ,Carl Bell and roadie Steve Angus (who are all much faster runners then me) and apart from the climbing I just about managed to hold some pace going on the tops without feeling too much ill-effect this morning.
Stretching is the key for me and hopefully I be be back blogging soon about races instead of self pity.

All smiles after a good run out

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ultra collie said...

haha indeed. i know exactly what you mean. sometimes its time and at other times it doesnt even pass your mind